Cornwall Council set to – finally – collect mixed plastic

The Cabinet of Cornwall Council has approved the collection of mixed plastics as part of the recycling kerb-side collection. However, this will be on a trail base and in certain areas only.

The reason for the trial which will cover 40,000 odd houses is because the true cost of collecting this material is not an exact science. As mixed plastics is not worth very much money, but if you collect this type of material, then it should increase the recycling rate of other materials like glass and paper which have a higher value. In essence, a huge up take of recycling could be financially positive. If not, and if Cornwall wants to collect mix plastics county-wide, then the cost of this will have to be found from existing budgets. I am hoping for it to be financially positive.

Of course this does not include the moral and environmental duty of sending less to landfill. Furthermore, we could find that landfill taxes rise and rise and having no option of collecting mixed plastics.

The area for the trial has not yet been confirmed, but it will include both rural and urban areas. The trail will last 12 months, but at six-months a review will take place, and depending on the review, the mixed plastic collection could (I hope) be rolled out county-wide.

I would have like to see the Council just get on with it and start collecting mixed plastics, however, I do understand the need to financially assess this and therefore, supported the trial at Cabinet.




  • Gill Zella Martin

    Cornwall could improve its recycling rate if the collectors did not allow a percentage of it to be left all over the pavements and roads each collection day. Most of this inevitably ends up being added to the residue waste collection.

  • Val

    There shouldn’t be any landfill charges with an incinerator!!

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