Cornwall Council passes a budget with a 1.97%* rise in Council Tax

For the first time in nearly four years the Cornwall Council element of the Council Tax will rise. For those who do not know the Council Tax is made up of three elements – Cornwall Council, town and parish precepts and Devon and Cornwall Police precept.

For 2014/15 period for the Devon and Cornwall Police precept will rise £166.16 (1.99%) per year for a Band D property. For town and parish councils, the average increase will be £77.30 (10.86%) per year. Again on a Band D. The Cornwall Council element is 1,512.38 (1.97%) per year on a Band D.

When you add it all together, the increase for a Band D property for 2014/15 is £35.32 per year, or 67p per week. For the eagle-eyed readers, the actual increase is 2.39%*, but this includes all the elements of the Council Tax with two elements out of the control of Cornwall Council.

Some would argue to protect service, there should be a bigger rise. However, the Government has restricted primary LAs from rising their element of the Council Tax no more than 2%. Anything over, will require an expensive referendum. So in a true sense, the 2% max is a cap imposed by Government.

After a shorter than expected debate, and no alternative budget from the Tories, – though one was submitted, but then pulled by their Group Leader yesterday, or anyone else for the matter. A vote was taken, and the budget was passed 71 for, 35 against, with one absenstion.

Full budget documentation HERE

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