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I first found out about this today, when a statement was released by Cornwall Council. Not sure what to make of it, but I thought it would be of interest to my readers and followers. I guess we will have to wait and see how well this turns out and the level of take up. Below is the statement and information released by Cornwall Council.
Cornwall Council is offering a variety of affordable loans to those on low incomes to help them repair and improve their homes.
Cornwall Council was successful in a bid for government funding to set up and offer interest free loans (subject to availability and eligibility) to low income households to help them carry out essential repairs and basic improvements to their homes. The purpose behind the loan scheme is that all loan repayments will be recycled to help build a self sufficient, recycled source of home improvement funding for future necessary lending that becomes less and less reliant on public funding.
There are a number of loan schemes on offer (all subject to availability) including:-
Healthy Homes loans are interest free and available to low-income householders of any age for essential repairs and some energy efficiency improvements.
First-time buyer’s loans are interest free to help local people buying a property that has been empty for longer than 6 months, to carry out essential repairs and improvements to return the dwelling to use.
Landlord Assistances includes 50% loans are available to private landlords to help them carry out essential repairs, fire safety precautions; improve security measures and energy efficiency. Landlord assistance also includes loans towards conversions of larger houses into family units or flat let’s to address a particular local housing need. We can also offer financial assistance in bringing empty properties back into use for private rental. This scheme in particular will result in good quality affordable long term accommodation being made available as, in return for the loan, the owner must let the property at Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rates for a period of 5 years to tenants nominated by the Council. The nomination rights are used for people that the Council are likely to accept as statutory homeless; who are unable to financially secure accommodation themselves; or to prevent homelessness and the possibly of being placed in temporary accommodation. It also allows the team at the Council to build good working relationships with much-needed, responsible, landlords.
House-proud loans are available to the over 60s (or households with a disabled person) who are in receipt of a means tested benefit, for repairs, improvements and adaptations. Interest rates apply.

Home Health Energy Efficiency Grants are available to help install loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, and other energy efficiency measures.

Grants are available to help disabled people with adaptations required to their homes and government funding is available for Warm Front heating grants.
Free advice and information is available to all householders on how to improve and maintain their homes.

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