Cornwall Council issues a further statement on Councillor Brewer

This afternoon, Cornwall Council has issued a further statement in reference to the recent comments made by Cllr Brewer. It is as follows:

The Council has received numerous complaints from members of the public over the recent comments made by Councillor Collin Brewer.

In recognition of the concerns which have been expressed, the Council’s Monitoring Officer requested that the complaints be assessed as a matter of urgency in accordance with the Council’s ethical standards regime.

It has now been formally determined that the case merits a full investigation to decide whether there has been a breach of the Members Code of Conduct and, if so, the nature and extent of that breach. That investigation, which will be carried out by a senior lawyer from within the Council’s Corporate Governance Team, will be expedited.

Earlier this week the leaders of the main political parties on the Council issued a joint statement to clarify the position of the authority: “The recently published comments which are attributed to Councillor Brewer are completely unacceptable and are contrary to the Council’s policy of supporting all people with disabilities. Such views have no place in local government. These remarks represent the personal views of Councillor Brewer who does not speak for the Council or the people of Cornwall.”

It is anticipated that Councillor Brewer will not be allocated any seats on Council committees.

The authority does not have the legal power to sack a Councillor and following the Government’s abolition of Standards for England in 2012 and changes to the Code of Conduct regime the Council no longer has the ability to suspend Councillors.


  • Christopher Smith

    I don’t know why people are obsessing about Colin Brewer, that his comments are completely unacceptable and off the scale of civilised behaviour is a given, the man needs help. What SHOULD be investigated is the state of mind of the 300+ voters in Wadebridge that re-elected him and have brought shame on that town.

  • Barbara Smith

    Being the parent of a daughter with Down Syndrome, I find his comments very offensive and he should have the decency to resign and never consider politics as a career in the future..His attitude and behaviour is totally unacceptable, plus the 300 plus people who voted for him need to assess themselves because if they accept his beliefs they are just as guilty as him.

  • Linda Burnip

    many people will now not come to Cornwall for a holiday so this will have a negative effect on tourism and employment in the region

  • Gayle B

    I would like this idiot to meet my daughter. She’s nearly 2 and charms everyone she meets. She is beautiful, intelligent and sociable. She loves to swim and dance, watches “In the night garden”, loves Pooh Bear, is learning to jump, sings in the car, loves her Uncle’s dog…..oh, and she has spina bifida. Apart from a 4 day stay in hospital, she has cost the state absolutely nothing as she has no disability at all. Yet he would’ve had her “put down”. The man is a disgrace.

  • Peter Wieland

    “These remarks represent the personal views of Councillor Brewer who does not speak for the Council or the people of Cornwall”.

    I beg to differ; the people of Cornwall elected him, therefore by definition he does represent their views.

    Cornwall used to be my favourite holiday destination; I won’t be visiting again. Best that anyone with a disability steer clear, and I will be encouraging family and friends to keep away as well, especially as our daughter and 2 of her children have disabilities.

  • Gill Martin

    I disagree with Peter Wireland’s view, It is in my view an unfair generalisation.
    Mr Brewer does not speak for “the people of Cornwall” or Cornwall Council. Due to government legislation Cornwall Council are not currently in a position to alter the voting system or deny eligible candidates to stand for councillor or prevent any of those candidates from being elected. I would suggest that most Cornwall Councillors are excellent representatives for the county.
    As for “the people of Cornwall” only a small minority of Cornwall’s residents that reside in Wadebridge voted for Mr Brewer to represent them. Mr Brewer does not represent me nor my opinions, or indeed many thousands of Cornwall residents.

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