Cornwall Council Interim Staff – Update

A week ago I posted about a Head of Service being paid £1000 per day. This has caused some outrage amongst Councillors and the public. I sent a e-mail to the head of HR asking for points of clarification on this item and other items about staffing at Cornwall Council. I have not had a detailed response as yet, but a reply saying that my questions would be answered in due course.
In the meantime the Leader of the Council in his weekly newsletter informed Councillors of various other positions filled with interims and the pay scale. I would like to thank the Leader for being open and honest in publishing them. Below are those details with rates of pay and termination dates.
  • Assistant Head of HR – £600 per day (pd) – Termination date March 2011
  • HR Resources Business Partner – £600 per day (pd) – Term date Jan 2011
  • Deputy Group Accountant (maternity cover) – £522 pd – Feb 2011
  • Group Accountant (being advertised) – £620 pd – March 2011
  • Learning Disability Services senior manager (being advertised) – £441 pd – Feb 2011
  • Head of Safeguarding – £907 pd – December 2010
  • Head of Specialist Services (not yet filled) – £400 – March 2011
  • Elections Manager (part time, covering sickness) – £250 pd – when employee returns from sickness
  • Telecom project manager – £400 pd – 2010-2011
  • Finance project implementing new Govt standards – £530 – Feb 2011
  • Procurement manager – £575 pd – Jan 2011
  • ERP project manager – £500 pd – Jan 2011
  • IDOX Planning System program manager – £500 pd – April 2011
  • Shared services project manager – £825 pd – March 2011
  • Shared services project manager – £960 pd – March 2011
  • Shared services project manager (part time) – £250 pd – March 2011
As you can see there are some hefty daily rates. I am unsure if this is just a taster list, or the full list, but I hope more clarification will be given once my questions have been answers. To most people these wages would seem extreme and it would be hard to justify them. I think if those people are delivering what they are tasked to do and in return saving money they might be worth it. But how many would work for half the amount? The Council would still get the same results, but at a lesser cost.  I think that’s the question that needs to be asked.


  • Anonymous

    That's an awful amount of money paid out on temps

  • Anonymous

    its awful. i wud, if i cud do the jobs for that amount a week! or even 2 weeks. Services wud not have to be cut so drastically. money to burn

  • Anonymous

    omg thats awful, just think what they could of paid for with all that money

  • Anonymous

    knowing what you get a year for all the hard work and hours you put in this is a disgrace, time for someone to answer all yr questions if full and justife the money being spent

  • Anonymous

    So much for enforced cut backs, I'll do one of those jobs for a grand a week. Ex royal navy unemployed

  • Samantha

    God id try and do that job for that amount per month. Theres not enough jobs going as it is and there are alot of people out there with the brain power and motivation to learn the job and learn it well. I was nearly sick when I realised it was a Per Day amount

  • Anonymous

    Bin the lot of them and put the bus routes back on

  • juderobinson

    Congratulations, Andrew for exposing this. Depressing that officers are still trying to justify it but in the end, surely councillors are in charge. Can you get it stopped? That would be even better.

  • Anonymous

    councillor's & dodgy deal's…. surely not! You have to pay to get the talent but at what cost to services when vulnerable people's future's are on the line? Shame on those who hold the purse strings… & contempt for the way they attempt to justify this.

  • John Davis

    Excellent post Admin. Now I have to really think about what I say here 😉
    I think it's important for people to also think about how powerful an effect comments can have, especially for new bloggers. A comment is both a validation that someone has read the content and connected with it – that can inspire someone to continue on interimmanager, or if too negative, make others consider shutting down.
    At any rate, I'll give this more thought but I'm bookmarking this post to share with Friends. Thanks again.

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