Cornwall Council hosts a member of the Falkland Island Government

It may seem unusual, but Cornwall Council has established links with the Falkland Island Government that go beyond a polite nod to each other. For the last few years, the two authorities have run a small exchange programme.

Recently, the Falkland Island have sent one if their senior democratic services officer to Cornwall and Cornwall Council has sent a senior lawyer to the Islands to help bring in legislation on Children’s Services. I shouldn’t have to say this, but the cost were covered by the Falkland Islands.

This relationship took one step further when last week I hosted a member of the Falkland Island Government whose responsibility covers Children’s Service on the Island. The four-day visit by Dr Barry Elsby was to see first hand how a large children’s service is delivered and if any of the current processes and strategies could be adapted for the islands. In the words of Dr Elsby, there is no point in reinventing the wheel, when you can use the experience of others.

During Dr Elsby’s visit he saw first hand the excellent work being carried out by the Council. I was very proud as the portfolio holder when Barry congratulated the Councils children’s services and its dedicated officers who happy took the time to show various aspects of the service. It is good to get such positive feedback on the service and I hope Dr Elsby will be able to use the information he gained during his visit back on the Falkland Islands.


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