Cornwall Council Has Talent (or not) Competition 2011

For the last three years Cornwall Council has been running a talent competition along the lines of X-factor. This take place during the lunch period, so no one takes any official time off. This fun and games is to raise a little money for Children in Need.

This year there were seven acts ranging from singers, musicians, duets, comedians and performers. I again was part of the Democratic Services team along with my fellow Councillor Andrew Long. Previously other Councillors had been part of the team, but this year they wimped out.

Our title for this year was Democratic Divas vs Men in Black. Our performance was truly remarkable, but we faced strong competition from others. Considering we felt we had been robed of the winning title on previous years by those who could actually sing, play instruments, or dance; our chances were going to be slim.

However, through an act of God, or some other non-religious type event we actually won! Yes, we really did win (of course we knew we would be winners in our own deluded minds). Well done to everyone taking part, judging (yes we got you again this year!!), watching and donating to this great cause.

For those not of the faint disposition below are two pictures of the winning (and rightly so) act!

Democratic Divas and The Men in Black

The Men in Black

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