Cornwall Council Election Turnout

As with any election the turnout varies, this could because a few reasons like high profile local issues and whether or not there is another election taking place at the same time. For Cornwall the main election was for Cornwall Council, but there was also many town and parish elections too.

I think we all wish the turnout is high, however the reality is very different with the turnout rarely above 50% for local elections. I always find this strange as the local council like Cornwall Council has so much influence on people’s day to day lives. I would say more than our actual government.

So how was the turnout for the 123 Cornwall Council seats?

Top five Cornwall Council Division voter turnouts

  • Rame Peninsula – 49%
  • Looe West, Lansallos – 48%
  • Roseland – 48%
  • Feock & Playing Place – 47%
  • Menheniot – 38%

Bottom five Cornwall Council Division voter turnout

  • Newquay Central – 18%
  • Redruth Central – 21%
  • St Dennis and Nanpean – 21%
  • Newquay Treloggan – 22%
  • Redruth North – 23%

For my local area the turn out is as follows:

  • For Porthleven and Helston West – 32%
  • Helston North – 36%
  • Helston South – 27%

The big question is how do we increase voter turnout? I find it really hard to understand why people cannot take 10 minutes to turn up at a polling station and vote. Furthermore, there is an even more simpler way to vote via the postal vote. This method has your ballot papers sent to you and all you have to do it put an X in the box and post is back to electoral services. Simple.

Anyone got the solution?


  • Peter McCann

    Politicians need to show that they are trying to serve the people who elected them and not spend their time working on grubby schemes to line their own pockets (MPs) or waste money on pet projects while cutting essential services(councillors).
    Those who voted LibDem at the last Gen Election, didn’t expect their MPs to prop up an unpopular Tory government – all so Clegg could have his 15 minutes of fame.
    Where I live in Sefton, libraries are being closed, services to vunerable people are cut – but the council wastes vast sums on traffic calming; building speed humps adjacent to un-repaired potholes, because its the pet subject of the executive member for transport. Even though “ALL SERVICES” must face cuts, coulcillors will NOT give up any of their allowances
    Sadly most people think that all politicians are the same and voting won’t make any difference.

  • worried worker

    I’d like to see a “none of the above” or some official way of spoiling the ballot paper. I’m sick and tired of lazy, bone-idle people claiming they didn’t vote because they had no one to vote for…if that’s honestly the case, spoil your paper so we can see just how many people feel this way.

  • Norman Bliss

    Yes – universal postal voting a good idea…but also include a simple candidate summary with each ballot paper. Allow each candidate a limited number of words to pitch their case….and no ‘paper’ candidates just making up the numbers for the big parties! It is unfair to the electorate who think they are making a genuine choice and distorts the vote. PS St Buryan ED 40.99%

  • Cassandra

    The reason I didn’t vote is that I had a choice between a Liberal Democrat (who will never receive my vote given that, from a national perspective, they are propping up the current inhuman regime) and an Independent candidate, about whom I knew nothing. I imagine the lack of choice was due to a perception that the incumbent LD Councillor was bound to win, so why would anyone stand against him? However, given that there was no REAL choice, I decided to spend my ‘ten minutes’ more productively.

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