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A few weeks ago I made some inquiries about the number and type of complaints that have been made to Cornwall Council. The reason is that it was rumoured that one of the top complaints was to do with Tortoises.  I found this a little strange because of all the worry about cuts and other whot-nots.  I asked the question to the head of service for Public Health and Protection was this indeed true.  He was kind enough to supply me with some fact and figures. The ‘top four’ are: 

  1. Unhappy with a response in relation to a  request for a service – 13 (3 Healthy homes; 4 Pest Control; 4 Noise; 1 Dog Fouling and 2 Health and safety
  2. No reply to a letter/e-mail/phone call -7
  3. Attitude of staff – 6
  4. Charging for pest control – 5

As you can see there is no mention of these hard shell creatures, but that because they have been classified under comments rather than complaints. In fact there were 32 comments in relation to Tortoises. So if these were complaints then they would be number one.
On asking the Portfolio Holder Lance Kennedy about this subject he further made comments (which he said I could use). He said he has received over 130 e-mails that were making comments about Tortoises. He made comment that out of all the issues people were more concerned about them than anything else. 
I have to agree with him on this. In Cornwall we face many challenges and difficulties. We may have to lose 25% of our budget, our social services came into massive criticism by OFSTED, high officers pay to name but a few, but it seems that people are more concern with these slow moving hard backed creatures than anything else.  
Napoleon did once comment that Britain was a nation of shop keepers and animal lovers. I guess one of those comments still holds true today as it did in the 19th Century.  

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  • Anonymous

    The reason there have been so many comments about tortoises is because the tortoise sanctuary at Sticker has been forced to close because it has been classed as a zoo by Cornwall Council. I'm sure that if the sanctuary had been left alone then there would not be so many comments/complaints about it. However, a small, well-meaning sanctuary has been forced to close its doors to the public as a result.

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