Cornwall Council – Children in Need Event

Cornwall Council is a firm supporter of Children in Need. It annually holds a ‘Council’s Got Talent’ competition, Many will argue that the word talent is being stretched to breaking point. Anyway this even is held during the lunch period as not to impede with work. This year more people entered, and from watching it, more of the ‘having a laugh’ entries entered. Again, as last year, a couple of hundred of pounds was raised for this great cause.

Last year I was part of the fantastic act called the Cross-party Dressers. We decided to reform in the guise of the Spice Girls. Of course you could not tell the difference between the real group and us. if all else fails in politics I am sure we will have firm bookings as a look-a-like act. Below are pictures that may require a little warning to those of a sensitive nature.

The ‘Spice Girls’
Left to right: Cllrs Andrew Long (sporty), Scott Mann (posh), Jeremy Rowe (ginger), Steve Double (baby) and Andrew Wallis (scary)
Of Course we were ‘robbed’ of the win, but the winner really did have talent singing and playing a guitar. 

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