Cornwall Council Charity Quiz 2014

Last night 37 teams drawn from different departments within the Council took part in the annual council charity quiz. This is a hotly contested event, with department battling it out for departmental honour and of course the all important bragging rights.

For near four hours – with a pasty break at the halfway point – teams battled it out answer a series of questions which were drawn from the very dark corners of the library of useless information, to the most cunning and ridiculous question only a lawyer could know. We had to  listen (I would say endure) to a series of music questions which left you very worried on the musical taste of the quiz master!  And if you hadn’t already guessed it, the quiz master was in fact the chief lawyer at the Council, who also goes by the name of the Monitoring Officer.

Of course the aim of the event was not only to have fun, but to raise money for charity. A whopping £1500 was raised during the event. This is a fantastic achievement.

The winning team came from transportation department; so congratulations to them. I was part of the Leaders Team, and we came – a surprise to us – 7th. Another Member team came two points behind the winners in 2nd. Again well done. The Council’s very own Corporate Leadership Team made up of the CEO and Corporate Directors were mid-field. Which I am sure they would say it was sportsmanship like to come there… (I did say honour and bragging rights were at stake).

Special mention to those who organised the event and those students from the C4L programme who helped during the event. Without those organisers, this even would not be the success it is. Thank you for the hard work.

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