Cornwall Council Budget Scrutiny – Day 2

Up to bat on the second day of the scrutiny process was the Health and Adults OSC. Some may say this is the area that is most heavily cut, but I will leave that up to you to decide. The Adults side of the directorate has had a rough ride over the last few years and last year was one of the areas that had a large overspend.

The Agenda for today’s proceeding is HERE. As you can see from the report there are many areas that are facing cuts or realignment of budgets. I would like to say that the committee did in fact find other ways of saving certain areas, but sadly they could not. One reason for this is that they (the committee) were told to protect one part; they had to find the shortfall from other parts of the directorate. You could argue that before they started they had one hand tied behind their backs.

Without listing all the areas that face reductions it would be easier to click This Link and see them all listed. The two main areas that will have most impact in this directorate are the removal of the £4m uplift for the first year (increased budget) and the reduction of the Area Based Grant of around 30%, which in real terms equates to £6.35m in savings.  As I said before nothing did change save for 3 comments which were made by the committee for Cabinet to take into account before they make their final recommendations to full council. These are:

  1. Committee raised concerns over the numbers of variables in the budget and how it has been decided 
  2. Concerns about the impact of the removal of the Area Based Grant and the compounding impact on the vulnerable people and this was not clear form the original document
  3. Any extra funding especially from the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) is considered for the Health and Adult Directorate.
All 3 of these points were voted on and passed by a majority. Point 1: 11 for, 2 against. Point 2: 10 for, 3 against and Point 3 was unanimous. I am not part of this committee, so I did not have any formal vote on the proceeding.  

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