Cornwall Council recommends the appointment of Andrew Kerr as new CEO

Today, Cornwall Council via the CEO Recruitment Panel has recommended the appointment of Andrew Kerr as the new CEO. Andrew is currently Chief Operating Officer at Cardiff Council and is the former CEO of Wiltshire Council.

The full council will need to approve the recommendation of the panel. Once that has (hopefully) been done, I will look forward to working with Andrew in the coming months and years.



  • Christopher Smith

    Hope the press and armchair critics, who of course find answering all the problems and balancing of priorities for the least worst solution in Local Govt so obvious that everyone else must be an idiot if they cannot see the same solution as themselves, give the guy a chance to settle in and do his job before they try to throw him to the wolves.

  • Worried Worker

    Fear not Chris, Andrew’s settling in nicely; already ordered his tax-payer funded Iphone 4 and Ipad, despite the fact all these devices can do is get email and nothing more because our network isn’t designed for them. Of course, he could’ve bought his own Iphone and Ipad and gotten exactly the same functionality, but, well, sod that, in these times of austerity and balancing of priorities, why pay for it yourself when you can get it for free?

  • Andrew Wallis

    Worried worker,

    I don’t know where you got your info from, but I own both my iPad and iPhone. The iPhone I brought as part of a contract, and the iPad was a Christmas present. But then again let’s not let the truth get in the way of a rumour!

  • Worried Worker

    Now Now Andrew, I was talking about Kerr, the chap who got 140k for leaving his old job and is now on, what, 170k in the new position. He’s the one who couldn’t afford his new email checker…

  • Worried Worker

    Kerr doesn’t beat Porsche-driving Crich though, who seems to order a new smart phone through the council every other week.
    Might I suggest the online budget simulator is altered to allow the removal of non-essential toys?

  • Phillip

    So the Ch Ex is wasting money already, should have kept the deputy in place.
    As for Cllr Wallis explaining away his iphone etc he probably just wanted to prove a point he doesn’t cost the public anything, but he failed to mentioned all the trips here there and everywhere at the councils expense.

  • another worried worker

    Mr Kerr left Wiltshire shortly after pay freezing every one, but giving himself a pay rise- poor judgement on his part? He walked away with £140K plus (£30k add-ons) in his pocket then got a job next door in Cardiff a few weeks – not bad earnings of £440K in 18 months when lother staff were quoted as stating he was paid for not a great deal of work. Don’t worry he was not idle as he started up Kerr Strategic Consulting perhaps hiring himself out to councils at £1000 day no doubt (paid by taxpayer)- not bad for some one who had just been asked to leave his CEO position. Cardiff were looking for a CEO when Mr Kerr was on their staff and had just left a CEO position, so he should have walked into the Cardiff job- why did it not happen, one thing was for certain , he was undermined by their decision not to engage him as CEO or even temporary CEO until one was appointed?Then Mr Kerr obtained this CEO position no doubt referring to his education; MIT, Harvard MBA education as advertised on his linked-in page- he never went to either of these establishments and Cardiff MBA staff state no such qualification exists although these American establishments were minor contributors but they cannot justify Mr Kerr’s description; this was a Cardiff MBA not a MIT Harvard MBA as his Linked in profile states!!- if he has so much to offer why disproportionately elevate the slightest links to mislead so much- more poor judgement? For someone who qualified with a diploma in PE he has done very well perhaps it was having two expensive MBA ‘vocational’ qualifications paid for by the tax payer. Mr Kerr now orders up some new toys I Phone and tablet at taxpayers expense 3 months before starting his position, surely he could afford to buy these himself or at least use the phones that Cardiff council are paying for. When it suits Mr Kerr he goes on weeks of interviews between authorities and receiving full pay but when it suits him no doubt he will say why should Cardiff pay for Cornwall phone calls? strange how the contradictory funding linkages between authorities always leaves Mr Kerr with fuller pockets or rather expensive phones. Mr Kerr the incredibly successful PE teacher who failed to in his ambitions in Wiltshire and Cardiff will be sitting around tables directing highly qualified accountants, lawyers, medics etc. – surely we deserve better than two other councils’ cast off?

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