Cornwall Council and SITA sign the deal

The Portfolio Holder, Lance Kennedy, who is the Councillor responsible for waste, today sent a letter to his fellow Cornwall Councillors telling the PFI contract between the Council and SITA has been signed.

The letter is as follows:

Dear Members,

I am writing to inform you that the Council and SITA UK have today signed the revised project plan for the integrated waste management contract.

The 30 year PFI contract is to manage the treatment and disposal of all of Cornwall Council’s household waste and recycling.  Key to the contract is the design, build, finance and operation of an energy-from-waste facility in St Dennis with a capacity of up to 240,000 tonnes per year, which will generate electricity for the equivalent of around 21,000 homes.

As you are aware the contract was originally signed in October 2006. However, following delays in getting planning permission to build an energy-from-waste facility a contract variation was required.  This has now been signed, with the funding for the Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre project being provided by a range of banks. 

 This facility, which has planning permission and an Environmental Permit, is expected to be operational in 2016.


  • Gill Martin

    Whilst this may appear bad news for the residents of St Dennis, and I do sympathize with them to a degree, this is good news for Cornwall. I for one am glad the issue has reached a conclusion and that the incinerator will become a reality. It is at this stage now the only financially viable option for Cornwall.

  • Hilda Dent

    The contract between Cornwall Council and Sita to build an incinerator in Cornwall will require huge amounts of rubbish to be imported into and burned in Cornwall.

    This will pollute our children’s lungs,destroy the CLEAN CREDINTIALS of our farm produce, blight our tourist industry and turn Cornwall into a destination for other counties and countries rubbish.

    There is no place for incineration in the modern environment and we demand that you listen to the residents of Cornwall.

    Hilda Dent

  • Zoe

    Cornwall Council does listen to the residents of Cornwall, many of those residents accept the need for an incinerator, including the infamous Tommy Bray who is Cornish through and through. Anerobic digestion alternatives are not suitable, it is impossible to put everything that is put out for normal waste collection into that type of system, it would not cope with bones for a start, Cornwall Council is running out of land fill space and action needs to be taken now, it is too late in the game for an alternative and too expensive. What do others actually suggest as an alternative that could be up and running in time before landfill runs out and that Cornwall Council can afford, they cannot magic money out of nowhere. For every person that is against the incinerator there is one person for it, i dont want to be paying over the odds on my council tax for alternatives that are not suitable anyway, the money already has to be found by the tax payer for the costs caused by the delay to the incinerator. I don’t live a million miles away from St Dennis, and i would have thought there is more danger to peoples lungs by people that smoke in public than a modern day incinerator.

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