Cornwall Council: And it’s only Monday

After this morning ‘announcement’  from the Leader saying he will respect the Council’s decision if it chooses (again) to vote against the Shared Services proposal on the 23rd, then it will not go ahead.

This announcement was later clarified in an email to Councillors seven hours later. In that email, it goes on to stay how wonderful Shared Services is blah, blah, blah. However, it is a paragraph in that message that stood-out. This is:

“We will be holding confidential briefings prior to the Council debate to provide all Members with detailed information about the two offers.  I hope that as many Members as possible will attend these session so they can make an informed decision about whether we should go ahead with the proposal.”

It stood out because firstly,  this ‘briefing’ will take place after the no-confidence onset for the 16th. I believe the 18th is earmarked for that briefing. Two days after the no-confidence debate.

Secondly, if the Leader is removed, the odds-on favourite to replace Councillor Robertson has said he will stop the Shared Services proposals. So why would you need a briefing for something that is not going to happen? Quite simply, you do not. Or is the Leader so confident in surviving the no-confidence motion that he is actually planning for the future!

I indicated this morning about this sudden announcement could be a ruse. The more I am hearing, the more I am coming to that conclusion it is a ruse to distract people from the 16th. I am not the only one that has come to that conclusion because many of my fellow Councillors samilar today.

I smell a……….

Lastly, It is now claimed the announcement is not a U-turn, but what then is that smell of tire-rubber?



  • Hatchett

    It’s not just the lack of hair that reminds me of Hunter S Thompson; Andrew simply doesn’t take any crap and is a pro at reading between the lines and weeding out the swine.

    Now then, onto JV/Shared Services/privatisation/the great BT love-in, or whatever else it’s being called…for me, it’s simple – this cannot be what’s best for Cornwall. Why? Because if it were, if it really were the bees knees and the answer to all our incoming woes, there wouldn’t be the need for such underhanded trickery. It really is as simple as that. If something’s good, if it’s genuinely in the peoples best interest, then why all the spin, lies, threats, cloak & dagger and all the other FAFF that has surrounded this idea? Because it’s bullpoop. Everyone knows it and believe me everyone’s sick of it. And I’ll tell you this; if they ignore our voice, our vote, our democracy, our protest, they don’t really leave us many peaceful options left. Do they?

  • pasty muncher

    All becoming a bit desperate isn’t it? Is this really how a Council should be run?

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