Cornwall Council achieves near 100% for secondary school admissions for 2016

In a spot of good news for Cornwall Council it is, once again, one of the best performing councils in the country in ensuring that Year 6 primary school children in Cornwall will be going to the secondary school they want to attend in September 2016, with 98 % of pupils being allocated their first preference school.

The Council received 5,244 on time applications for secondary school places in Cornwall for September 2016, with 5,178 (98.74 %) of pupils being allocated a place at their first choice of school, and 5,236 (99.85% ) being allocated a place in one of their three choices of schools. This means that only 66 children failed to get a place in their first preference school, all of whom have been allocated a place in either their second or third preference school.

This is an even stronger performance than last year when 97.85% of the 4,975 children were allocated a place in their first choice of school, with 99.34% allocated a place in one of their three preferences. Whilst this is good news for children and families in Cornwall at this time, there remains concern over pupil places in primary schools being able to meet demand as numbers of children in Cornwall continue to increase.

The current primary pressures are expected to start affecting secondary schools from 2018 onwards and the Council is working to mitigate this with capital funding for new schools places. This money comes from the Government,  and in the past, Cornwall has had mixed results when funding has been awarded.

With this pressure on school places we currently have four oversubscribed secondary schools in Cornwall, with the remaining 27 all admitting all of their first preference applicants.

As the Portfolio Holder, I welcomed the high number of children in Cornwall who would be attending their first preference secondary school and praise the hard work of the School Admissions Team in ensuring that on time applications were dealt with so efficiently and quickly and within published timescales.

I know that waiting for confirmation of secondary school places is an anxious time for both parents and carers and children and I am therefore delighted that more than 99% of children in Cornwall will be going to their preferred secondary school in September. he sai

I must highlight that the The Council’s School Admissions Team has to date already received 222 late applications, with more expected over the coming days and weeks. While there can be a number of reasons for not submitting applications in time, late applications put additional pressure on the admissions team and can lead to disappointment in a child not getting their first preference.

Despite this, getting near 100% first three choices is an outstanding achievement. Credit must go to all who made this happen.

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