Cornwall and Struggling with Bills

A day has passed since I stepped up and admitted my mistake. As you can imagine my phone never stopped ringing all day. Many calls were from various forms of media, but many too were from colleagues and residents. It was also heartening to receive support messages via email, text and twitter.

There were a few who are not happy with what I did and no doubt there are others who remain quiet who are not too happy with me either. I can understand that, and if truth be told respect that. I know I have some ways to make amends to for my actions two years ago. Hopefully I will be able to do that by continuing to work hard for my area.

There is an old saying of “there go by the grace of God” as anyone could find themselves in the same position as I did. I hope not, but if the figures for the last three years indicated many have, and are finding themselves in similar positions as I did.

Last year over 50,000 council tax reminders were sent out to households in Cornwall. With around 255,966 council tax accounts in Cornwall this means near 20% of households got some type of council tax reminder last year.

As for liability orders this figure is even more shocking as shown in the figures for the following Council Tax periods.

1/4/09 – 31/3/10: 14,057 orders issued
1/4/10 – 31/3/11: 16,710 orders issued
1/4/11 to date (four months): 7129 orders issued.

If this years trend continues then by the 31/3/12 there could be 21,387 orders issued. This means just over 8% of households who could face liability orders in Cornwall.

A question is why are so many people being or have been issued with a liability order? No doubt many will come to their own conclusions, but with the cuts and the cost of living rises many people are having to make choices to what bill they pay at any certain times.

Tough times are indeed here.


  • Tony Martin ASSOC RICS MIRPM Cert CIH

    Come on guys give the poor Councillor a break, bring Cornwall into the 21st Century. I worked for a London Borough Council, I had a CCJ against me for debts of around £10,000, mostly for unpaid council tax. It was common knowledge at the time and no one cared in a public or official capacity. No one comment was even made to me. What is the matter with you all, can't you see a good councillor when you have one.

  • Gill Martin

    I think council tax should be based on total houshold income and not property size, and I do not mean by having to claim benefits for low income, or just the set single persons discount.

  • Gill Martin

    As it was the local paper that raised this issue initially, I think the paper should now run an article informing the public of how much they are costing the tax payer by keep applying for information under the 'freedom of information act.' Then of course it may not do much for the sale of the paper. Surely there is some proper local news out there.

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