Consulting the Public

Too many times I have heard they never consulted me; no one ever sent me anything on consultation; or some other similar expression when it comes to public consultation by Cornwall Council. In most cases the information on a certain consultation is there, you just have to know where to find it.

Then again, Cornwall Council does not always get it right on consultation, as you only got to mention public toilets and consultation in the same sentence to know it all goes horribly wrong.

Cornwall Council places all (to my knowledge) official and statutory consultation online. This could be on car parking charges, changes to highways, or to gather a view on a change to a service Cornwall Council provides. Currently there are twelve active consultations on the council’s site. Most are highways but one is on car parking charges and  another is on the Performing Arts Library.

So why not have your say on these consultations by clicking HERE. It might be worth bookmarking this site for future consultations.


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