Consultation on Cornwall’s Renewable Energy Planning Document

The great majority of people understand the need to look at alternative forms of energy production. We know one day oil and gas will run out and the mere mention of a nuclear power station is met with stiff restriction and worries of a meltdown. An alternative form of energy production is renewable energy. Renewable covers wind, wave and photovoltaic technologies

From my experience, the concept of renewable energy has wide support. However, when you breakdown the different forms of this technology you will get a far greater different of option. Furthermore, despite the wide-spread support of renewable energy, this support can evaporate when a site is proposed. It is like ‘yeah we support renewable energy, but not near me.’

In trying to get a policy on renewable energy right, Cornwall Council is consulting on a draft renewable energy supplementary planning document (SPD). In this draft document, it explains The SPD contains guidance on a range of renewable energy technologies. It explains what community ownership means, and how it might be considered as part of a planning application. It also sets out guidance on community engagement in renewable energy projects before planning applications are submitted. The SPD also contains detailed guidance on specific considerations, such as landscape and cumulative impact (in particular for wind turbines and solar farms). Once approved, this document will support the emerging Local Plan.

To read the SPD click HERE. The document is further broken-down in three annexes. These are:

Annex 1: An assessment of the landscape sensitivity to on-shore wind energy and large-scale photovoltaic development in Cornwall

  • Appendix 1: Landscape Sensitivity and Strategy Matrices for each Landscape Character Are

Annex 2: Cumulative Impact Assessment Guidance for Cornwall – Wind Turbines

Annex 3: Cumulative Impact Assessment Guidance for Cornwall – Solar Farms

If you feel inclined to comment, both positively and negatively, you should email to or posted to Dan Nicholls, Principal Development Officer, Planning Delivery Team, Cornwall Council, Circuit House, St Clement Street, Truro TR1 1EB, with the document you are responding to clearly identified within your correspondence. Any queries should be directed to or 01872 224555.

The consultation will be open until Friday 27 March 2015. The Council welcomes your comments. Please ensure you get your comments to the relevant email or postal address by 5pm on Friday 27 March.

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