Consultation for a New Speed Limit Along Methleigh Bottoms to Stopgate

A new speed limit is proposed to introduce a 40mph buffer zone on the northern side of Porthleven on the B3304 to the A394 Stopgate (currently 60) and to extend the 30mph speed limit on Beacon Road in Porthleven.

This is something I have been asking for a while, and I am very pleased Cornwall Council has set up a consultation to gather people’s views prior to any changes.  It is a must that the speed limit along this stretch of road is reduced. It is a fast road, and there have been many accidents and at least one death that I know of on this road. I am supporting this change, and I hope the people of Porthleven will do too.

It is important people take part in the consultation, which can been accessed HERE. Or send me an email and I will pass on those views. The consultation runs from 8th November till 29th November.

And the extension to Beacon Rd

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