Consultation event for Porthleven Shipyard’s proposed new building

The proposed new building at Porthleven’s Shipyard has certainly got people talking. In a previous blog, I showed the concept of a building and talked about a planned consultation. This consultation was organised by the applicant, Trevor Osborne – owner of the harbour and shipyard.

Just under 40 people attended this event and gave their views on the concept. As with any large-scale planning application, this attracted a series of views both positive and negative. It is always good to hear people’s views as it shows they take an interest in what is going on in Porthleven.

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In an age of social media, people are quick to give their views on these platforms However, having been involved in planning for over 10 years, I would suggest before people start a petition or write to Cornwall Council to lodge their views either for or against, they should wait till the actual planning application is submitted with the final design.

As at the moment this building is a concept and apart from a pre-app, (which is very basic) there has not been any official plans submitted. Time has taught me that many things change in design and layout from a concept stage, to a planning application being submitted, to and if, any plan is approved either by the Local Authority, or at an appeal by the Planning Inspector. During that time there will be plenty of opportunities for people to comment.

When people object or support, the objection/support need to be on planning grounds for those views to carry any weight. Non-planning grounds whilst important to those who make them, carry little weight in the planning process.

Areas like impact, harm, smells and other planning issues will be picked up in the planning process. Design of the building is always difficult in planning terms and is subjective on people’s own aesthetic views.

However, I should point out the area in question is classed as industrial, so in simple planning terms, an industrial building is permitted in this area. People may have forgotten that there was plans to put three or four industrial building behind the current sheds. This from my knowledge did not come forward due issues on the water culvert that runs under this part of the shipyard. So putting new buildings in this area is not a new idea.

I also have been looking (as part of the research for the Porthleven CIC town trail) at pictures of different types of building large and small including just grass land in the area in question to show how this area has changed over the years. When you see these pictures you are amazed at the changes that have actually happened.

There has been comments on who will build the building. This is simple to answer is it will be built by Trevor Osborne and funded by him. Origin Coffee who plan to relocate from Helston are the planned tenants. They are not building it.

Porthleven has seen lots of changes and has grown in the last 50 years will large developments like (to name a few) Wheal Rose, St Peters in the 60’s/70’s; the area around Treza Rd; Penrose Park in the 80’s; Forth Scoul in 2000; Highburrow; Sunny Bank 90’s/00’s; Guissiney Place in the mid-2000; Methleigh Bottoms and Monterey on the site of the former crab factory; and lately Shrubberies in 2014/15.

I know these are houses, but Porthleven adapts and changes with the times. It has to, or else the world moves on and Porthleven is left behind. It is one reason why Porthleven has a buoyant economy and businesses want to move to Porthleven. The fact is for every shop (harbour and dock) that comes vacant, there are at least 5/6 applicants. Not many towns can boast this.

For instance, anyone living or visiting will have seen a lots of open and busy shops in many sectors. People travel to Porthleven to eat, shop and enjoy Porthleven. We have award-winning restaurants and chefs who appear on national cookery programmes. Porthleven has many community events like the Food and Music Festival and RNLI Day to name but a few. Porthleven is the place to live, and people want a slice of that pie.

The question is, will this new building and its proposed tenants Origin Coffee, add to this wonderful environment, or harm it. That question will need to be answered when plans come forward and are submitted to Cornwall Council’s planning dept.



  • Michaela

    “Porthleven is the place to live and people want a slice of that pie”

    I don’t think so, I do live here and its nothing to shout about, its been spoilt by huge ugly buildings and excessive housing estates and is mostly owned by a private company the harbour and dock company that the town and Cornwall Cllr try to suck up to all the time. Alright for tourists they come and go, but with this coffee factory it wont be any different from wherever the tourists come from.

  • Gilly Zella Martin

    In response to Michaela, Porthleven will always retain its charm as a working port, and somewhere that has immense community spirit. It currently has, and will always have, an attraction for holiday makers, locals, and residents alike. All places change over the years and the plans for the coffee shop and factory have not even been finalised yet. You never know, you may be pleasantly surprised, and if not, it will still not detract from everything else that is lovely about Porthleven.

    I do not think it is either fair or polite, to say the “town and Cornwall Councillor suck up to the Harbour and Dock Company” That is not true.

    I will even go as far as to suggest, despite your claim, that you do not even live in Porthleven!

  • Michaela

    You’re right G Z Martin, I don’t live in Porthleven I live in Helston luckily not in Cllr Wallis’s ward. Everything else I said in my post was right though. I understand he’s supportive of the coffee factory so Porthleven will stink of coffee.

  • Gilly Zella Martin

    Personally, I cannot think of anything particularly “lucky” about living in Helston in a ward that is not covered by Andrew!

    No, not everything else you said in your post was right. I suggest you have no evidence whatsoever to prove that either Andrew or Porthleven Town Council “suck up to the harbour and dock company” if you believe that to be true and detrimental in any way, then I suggest you put your complaint in writing, of course though, you would have to do so under your full genuine name.

    I am sure modern techniques would provide some sort of filtration system to help eliminate any possible emitted coffee smells.

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