Cones for Porthleven

Ok, this is not the most exciting subject, but on Friday, I took delivery of 150 cones from Cornwall Council for use in Porthleven.

The simple reason for this is Cornwall Council gets many a request from communities for cones, and therefore, it becomes costly for the Council to keep delivering and picking up cones from various locations. The logic is therefore to give a community to use as they see fit.

Lovely cones…

The cones will be free to use, but to make sure those who borrow them, bring them back, there will likely be a small deposit required to make sure all the cones come back. As Cornwall Council will not be replacing the cones if they go missing/lost.

If interested in using these cones, please contact the town clerk.

Update –  I think I need to clarify that these cones are for use for community events etc. with the right traffic management approvals in place.

They cannot be used to ‘cone off’ certain parts of the highway. 
For cones to be in this way, you need to apply for permission to highways, and then cones can be placed on the highways. Furthermore, cones can only be placed on the highways only for a certain period of time. 
If you do not have official permission to place cones on the highway, you are in fact falling foul of the law. 

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