Concessionary Fares Inquiry – Update

I blogged this morning about my concern and unhappiness with the Concessionary Fares Inquiry Day being not open to the public. I felt this would not been the best course of action for the public. So much so, I wrote an email to the Chairman of the Committee asking him to hold the meeting in public.

I am now pleased to say the Chairman has agreed with me, and now the meeting will be open to the public. I think this is the right course of action, and I would further like to add my thanks to the Chairman of the Scrutiny Committee for agreeing this meeting should be open to all.


  • Gill Martin

    Well done Andrew. You certainly have my vote again.

  • Gill Martin

    Cornwall always seems to lose out. In the London boroughs pensioners not only receive free bus travel but free loacl train travel as well. Children under 16 also travel free on the buses. As a good majority of people live a fair distance from hospitals in Cornwall, free travel is vital, not just after nine thirty either. This then excludes them from early appointments.
    Looking on the bright side, Cornwall has some really good councillors that excel in their role both locally and on a wider scale.

  • Gill Martin

    just spoken to a bus driver in a shop that reckons the Lizard will lose its bus service eventually and bus passes. Neither at present affect me as I drive and do not qualify for a pass for years, but it is of concern, particularly if the car was off the road at any time. One has to wonder if he had a hidden agenda, on account of the fact he was a 'First' driver and 'Western Greyhound' serves the Lizard.

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