Concessionary Bus Fares Inquiry Day Will Be Behind Closed Doors

I have previously blogged about the proposed Inquiry Day on concessionary bus fares. This inquiry will take place on the 19th of August. Sadly, this meeting will not be open to the public or the press.

I had hoped that this meeting would be web-casted because of the importance of the subject, but it will not, nor will anyone not included in the proceeding be allowed to attend. I am very disappointed with this decision because I really feel meetings like this should be open, especially as it could effect near 20% of Cornwall’s population.

The reason as to why it’s closed is:

“This is due to the likelihood, that commercially sensitive information may be discussed”

I find this a poor excuse, as for any really sensitive information you could stop the web-cast. I am also wondering what commercially sensitive information will be discussed. We know how much Cornwall Council spends on fares, and we know how much the Council wants to reduce it to. So who are we protecting, the bus companies?

The CCTV Inquiry Day was also behind closed doors, and look at the mess that turned into. If you allow the meeting to be open, the public will be able to understand what is going on, and more importantly, not think something underhand is taking place.

There is one saving grace, and that is any findings that come out of this Inquiry Day will be included in a report for E and E Scrutiny Committee which will take place on the 7th September.

Still, it does not make up for this meeting taking place behind closed doors.

Lastly, I have also blogged about the complex formula on concessionary fares HERE

One comment

  • Gill Martin

    Perhaps the sensitve information is what you are all having for lunch or how many fall asleep. On a more serious note, when will some councillors realise that transparency is the key to trust. When it comes to elections, the public would have noted who is open and honest and trys for transparency and who is against it.

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