Community Network

Last night was the first Community Network Panel of the Helston and Lizard Area. This is a Network where Cornwall Council,  The Town and Parish Council’s, Police, NCH meet to discuss issues in this area, and then make (hopefully) positive changes.

No Police or NHS were invited to this one due to the fact it was mainly going setting up the whole Panel and it’s Constitution.  There are seven Cornwall Councillors and 18 Town and Parish Councils involved in this Network. Sadly only half of the Town and Parish Councils did attend. I hope they don’t feel ‘what’s the point’ in this and we will see them at future meetings.

I facilitated a small group exercise where the Town and Parish Councils gave 3 pressing concerns that are there areas and how the Network can help them to achieve them. Porthleven and Helston were grouped together and they came up with a pretty united front on what would be of benefit to both areas.

Transport, including better road and bus links was agreed. It was also pointed out that the bus services must be cheaper and more frequent if you want more people to use them. Small Micro Business Units were also listed. Be nice to have some more small Units to encourage people to work in their own areas without the need to travel so far.

It was felt that due to the size and nature of Porthleven and Helston, they felt there was no dedicated sports complex that was fit for the 21st Century. Finally Environmentally Sustainability was mentioned. This included more protection to Conservation Areas, Renewable Energy  and other like environmental issues. Those four issues that were listed are not just about Porthleven and Helston, but all would benefit the whole area if they did indeed happen.

I am not sure if these Networks will be able to wave a magic wand and solve these and other issues, but what they can do its be a large and loud collective to bring pressure to those issues. Early days, but a lot of those who did attend did seems keen for it to work.

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