College Transport – 16/19 year olds

Now that the exam results are out; there will be the initial rush for places at College. The shear nature of Cornwall means that most students will have to travel, and for some, a lot of miles. Very few have their own cars, and for many they don’t have access to one. That means they have to use public transport. This can be a costly addition to that person, and/or their families. Cornwall Council has recognised this and has released details how people can apply for subsidised transport. Cornwall Council sets out the case below.

Local Authorities are under no obligation to provide transport for anyone beyond statutory school leaving age. Cornwall Council, like many other local authorities across England, operates a policy of subsidising travel to Further Education for students aged between 16-19 (21 for students with special educational needs) who attend the nearest establishment offering the course(s) the student wishes to study and live over 3 miles from the said establishment.

However students taking an A/AS level course would not automatically qualify for subsidised travel to an establishment which is not the nearest if their designated/nearest school does not offer a particular subject.

Please read these notes carefully. If, when you have read them you think that you qualify and would like Cornwall Council to arrange transport for you to attend a Cornish school sixth form or college, please fill in the application form and return it as soon as possible with payment to:
Transport Officer – Commissioning
Camel Building
County Hall
Telephone: 0300 1234 101
The following questions and answers provide further information on Cornwall Council’s current policy Click HERE

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