Coin-less payment for parking set to become free

A few years ago, Cornwall Council introduced coin-less payment at its car parks. A great idea. However, to use this function, it would cost you 20p. This was the fee for using the service payable to RingGo.

The good news is this fee is now set to go! As a new company has been awarded the contract for supplying coin-less payment in Cornwall Council own car parks. The company which has won the contact for the next four years are called Bemrose Parking who call their system Phone and Pay.

imageIn the age of smart phones, they also have an app. To register click HERE.

I am pleased this 20p fee has now gone, as whilst it was not a lot of money, it still cost more to park. Now with the new system, coin-less, or with coins will cost the same to park. I should point out that there are some optional charges when paying by Phone and Pay, like text reminders, but unless you want the add-on there will be no charge to pay using this facility.

The old system, RingGo and the new one, Phone and Pay will both be available in the car parks for about a month while the two systems are changed over. Though I know which one I will be using from now on!

Good work parking people.


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  • Toni Dowrick

    Brilliant news, I love Ringo and actually didn’t begrudge paying the 20p fee because there were many times it saved me much more… having the convenience of being able to update your parking while stuck in conference and not risking a parking fine – all the times I’ve not had the right money and the ticket machines don’t give change – well worth a small fee… What a bonus to have it provided free!
    The phone and pay app reviews are a little worrying at the moment, I hope they are just teething problems.

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