Citizenship for Life Awards 2012

On Friday I was invited to the awards ceremony for the Citizenship for Life program at Eden. This program is now in its second year, and like last year twelve students were selected to be part of the program. The way the students are selected, and was simply put at Friday’s awards ceremony was ‘those who will travel the furthest’. They are then assigned a mentor from different fields and backgrounds.

During the ceremony the twelve students all stood up in front of a packed house and said how the project has made a difference to them, and how they are better people. They also spoke of the experiences of visiting places and taking part in activities that they would not normally do. They all spoke of the visit to Emmaus and how meeting homeless people changed their perceptions. For me it was good to witness how these students had come a long way during the last twelve months in confidence and self-belief. At many points during the presentations I thought Eden would run out of tissues.

The project is run on sponsorship from various organisations and businesses. It is not always about just handing over a cheque and forgetting about it. These sponsors really get involved with the project. As did organisations like Cornwall Council, Coastline Housing, Rotary and the NHS.

My small bit part in all this is greatly overshadowed by three ladies who drive this program on. They are Charlotte Chadwick, Helen Sinock and Lucy Robinson. Without them this project would not be a success it is. It is also worth mentioning that these three ladies all work for Cornwall Council, who give them the time to work on the Citizenship for Life program, as well as their regular roles.

The project is set to start again in April 2013 and like previous years it needs sponsors, helpers and mentors. If you can help in this fantastic program (especially if you can sponsor), then get in contact with me and I will pass your details over to the team.

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