Childrens Porfolio and other positions

The discussion of which Cabinet portfolio is assigned to who has taken place today at County Hall. I am very pleased to say I have been given the Childrens Portfolio. This is an area I really wanted, as I have for the last four years been involved in scrutiny and policy development for this portfolio.

The main areas this portfolio covers are:

  • Education and Schools
  • Safeguarding Children
  • Family Services
  • Integrated Youth Services
  • Individual Needs and Disability Services
  • Carers Board

There is a lot to do, but I am really looking to continuing to work within this area. The next few weeks will be taken up with bringing me up to speed on the various areas.

For those worried about the local divisional role I carry out, do not worry, as I will still give the same level of dedication I have given to date. The local role is to me as important as the Cabinet role.

The other portfolio positions are:

  • Devolution and Localism – Jeremy Rowe
  • Health and Adults – Judith Haycock
  • Homes and Communities – Geoff Brown
  • Transport and Waste – Bert Biscoe
  • Environment, Heritage and Planning – Edwina Hannaford
  • Economy and Culture – Julian German
  • Partnerships – Adam Paynter
  • Finance and Resources – Alex Folkes


  • David Craig

    look forward to reading your blog posts – such an important role …

  • Carole Marland

    Congratulations on your appointment to the post!

  • Christopher Smith

    Looks like a very sensible set of appointments. Hope you will be giving me a chance to show you the work we do at the Dracaena Centre in conjunction with the Falmouth Children and Family Centre and, separately, the work Falmouth Rotary Club does in this respect, some time soon. Oh and PLEASE re-assign CC back to Falmouth from Cam-Redruth…….

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