Changes to the Corporate Directors of Cornwall Council

We all know (I hope) that Cornwall Council has appointed a new CEO, Kate Kennally. Kate will take up her new role on January 11th after leaving Barnet Council. This has not been the only change implemented as there have been other changes to the Cornwall Council Corporate Directors.

The first is Michael Critch taking early retirement. Michael has been the Corporate Director for Economy, Enterprise and Environment. I would like to wish Michael all the best on his next adventure whatever that may be.

Following the retirement of Michael, Paul Masters (was the Corporate Director for Communities and Organisational Development) will take over as the Interim Corporate Director for Economy, Enterprise and Environment. Trevor Doughty, the Corporate Director for Education, Health and Social Care remains in his current position. And is the Head of Paid Services (basically the CEO) until Kate takes up her role.

That leaves one position left to fill. This is for the Corporate Director for Communities and Organisational Development. A Selection Panel was formed to appoint an interim Corporate Director for this position, and from that panel meeting, they have appointed Cath Robinson as the Interim Director.

Cath, is currently the Head of Business, Planning and Development, and has extensive experience of working in local government. She joined the former Cornwall County Council on a youth training scheme straight from school.  She brings a wide understanding of the issues and opportunities facing Cornwall and the services provided by the Council. Cath will take up her new role with immediate effect. This appointment has been made for a period of up to 12 months and is subject to review by the new Chief Executive.

I really welcome Cath’s appointment to this role. She has consistently proved her worth as the 151 Officer (in charge of all the cash), and will do a sterling job as one of the Corporate Directors.


  • Grenville Prowse

    coming from Barnet council, Kate Kenally will probably want to get on with outsourcing quickly. Barnet are the biggest outsourcers in the UK, looking to reduce their workforce from just over 3000 to just over 300. Do you really want that for Cornwall? I doubt whether many outside the council will want it.

  • Kay Kenally, from BARNET Council, where she was well known for outsourcing quickly, is now in charge of the consultation on Accountable Care Organisation in Cornwall. The ACO will be being voted for soon , or , hopefully, AGAINST, [ but with a Conservative and Lib Dem majority on the council, [which is to be down sized from 123 councillors to 87 ],it is likely to see the vote carried FOR ACOS.
    The consultations and vote are being RUSHED THROUGH BEFORE THE PUBLIC can find out about, and GRASP, WHAT IS GOING ON AND WHAT IT WILL PROBABLY LEAD TO AND FACILITATE IN THE WAYT OF PRIVATISING CORNWALL’S NHS, The final vote, at the moment, is on 7/2/17.

    This adoption of ACO is, ostensibly, to achieve integration of health care and services within the county, which have been carefully and cynically dislocated under the Conservative government. Combined with careful UNDERFUNDING OF THE NHS BY THE CONS, the dislocation of a previously integrated health service has created crisis and inefficiency in the NHS. The re- integration of the dislocated services in itself is desirable, but using Accountable Care Organisation, presided over by Kay Kenally, who is notorious for out sourcing, in BARNET, to achieve it is a smoke and mirrors manoeuvre, by the Cons,[ and their best friends- the Lib Dems- ] to make the PRIVATISATON OF HEALTH CARE IN CORNWALL much easier and closer. Maybe cornwall has been targeted because it was STUPID ENOUHG enough to elect SIX CONS MPs??

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