Changes to Porthleven’s Waste and Recycling Collection Times

From the first of April there will be a wholesale change to the collection of residue (black bags) and recycling waste. This is because a new contract will come into force that replaces the previous District Council contracts. You might ask why as you might have been perfectly happy with your existing service, but as with most things, this contract will be cheaper on the taxpayer. Being cheaper is not always the best, but many parts of this new contract I agree with.

The first big change the residents of Porthleven will see is collection day for residue and recycling will being different. Instead of a Monday morning collection for residue, this will now take place on a Wednesday. The first collection will be on the 4th April. For recycling material, this will change from a Friday fortnightly cycle to a Wednesday fortnightly cycle. Again, starting from the 4th April.  I welcome this change because it makes sense to have both collections on the same day. It would have been better if the recycling could have been weekly, but you can’t have everything.

There will also be a change to some of the containers used to collect the recyclable waste. For Porthleven it is not a huge change, just a different colour bag with paper and cardboard being separated. Unlike now being collected in the same container. For the full details and changes you should click HERE.

Cornwall Council will be sending full details in the post (which you can recycle), explaining all the different changes to collections. Full details will also be available online on the Cornwall Council website.  There will also be a handy ‘postcode checker’ on the website enabling you to see the changes in your area.

You might not like all the changes, but you cannot fault the council for keeping you informed about these changes.

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