Changes to Cornwall’s Local Plan overwhelmingly approved

Sometimes it feels like we are going round and round on the Local Plan merry-go-round, stopping now and again for small and large changes to the plan. Today, at the meeting of full council, councillors debated the changes to the plan as directed by the Planning Inspector.

Many will not like the changes to the plan, or like the plan at all. However, without a plan, Cornwall is at more risk because it cannot prove there is adequate housing number for five-years. Furthermore, if the Council cannot agree a plan, the Government will impose on the Council in 2017. If that happened, the Council would have limited say on the housing numbers.

For those who have not read the plan, or the changes, HERE is the link to the documentation.

Many councillor spoke during the debate, mostly repeating what has been said before. For those who may have missed the Local Plan debate, HERE are previous blogs on the subject. I raise the subject on the Government needs to make sure funding for school expansions in light of new housing follows. Sadly, this does not always happen.

There was an amendment put forward by Dick Cole, for the removal of the housing allocation for the Eco-town. This totals 1200 dwellings. However, the flaw to this plan was other areas in Cornwall, mostly St. Austell’s Community Network Area would have to find the shortfall of 1200. It is no surprise this amendment was lost, with only four councillors voting in favour.

As for the main vote, this was carried by all but two councillors who voted against, and one who abstained.

The next stage of the plan’s journey will be subject to a public consultation lasting for six-weeks starting in January. From this, the plan will be re-submitted to the Planning Inspector for him to hopefully approve.


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