Chancellor make a statement on a deal for Cornwall

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, has today during his budget statement made an announcement in reference to Cornwall and its devolution aims:

“and in the first of our new county deals, we are making progress on a major plan to give Cornwall a greater say over local decisions.”

The Leader of Cornwall Council, John Pollard has issued the following statement in response to the Chancellor

“As I have stated over the past few months, we have been working with partners to prepare a ‘Case for Cornwall’ which sets out ambitious proposals for greater powers, freedoms, flexibilities and support to be given by the Government to Cornwall.”

“These proposals are designed to allow the people of Cornwall to benefit from an integrated health and social care system, significant economic growth, more affordable homes, greater access to employment and training opportunities, together with a much improved public transport network.”

“As such we welcome today’s positive comments from the Chancellor which set out the Government’s plans to honour its manifesto commitment to devolve far-reaching powers from London to counties and look forward to continuing to work with civil servants to agree a Cornwall Deal which enables the Case for Cornwall proposals to be delivered”

They say a week is a long time in politics, but in this case an hour is a long-time..

One comment

  • Gill Zella Martin

    That is good news, but what exactly is the progress I wonder. I do hope it is not a disingenuous statement with the finalising of details just prior to the next government general election.
    Cornwall Council deserve to see the ‘Case For Cornwall’ come to fruition, they have certainly proved efficiency in coping with government underfunding.

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