Celebrating the success of our Children in Care

On Tuesday night, the Children In Care Education Support Service celebrated the success of our Children in Care for the 2013-2014 academic year . The celebration event was kindly hosted by the two universities at Tremough Campus, Penryn with the campus’ Student Ambassadors helping the event run smoothly. The event had a pirate theme and everyone was encouraged to dress up as pirates. Like last year, and before the presentations took place, the excellent Swamp Circus entertained everyone with sea-shanties, tricks and stunts.

In total, 333 children were awarded certificates.  Although not all the children could attended they will still receive their certificates in the post. The age range for the certificates is year 1 to year 13. The certificates are awarded for any achievement: good school attendance, good progress in learning, attitudes to learning and each other, resilience in trying times. Being brave and trying new things, outdoor pursuits, creative arts etc.

I had the honour to present the certificates to the children, along with Tim (the virtual head teacher of the school) who read out the reasons for the award. I was very proud of the achievement of all the children. As were all who gathered to celebrate their success. Standing on the stage, you can see many of the audience reach for something to wipe their eyes with as Tim read out the achievements of the children and young people.

It was also great to see so many people connected with Children in Care attend the event. This included social workers, the voluntary sector, the Chair and Vice-chair of the Children’s PAC, the Head of Learning and Achievement, the Head of Children’s Social Care who all got into the spirit of the event by dressing as pirates! My sincere thanks go to the staff in the Children in Care Education Support Service who make this celebration such a special event. Furthermore, they make pretty good pirates too!

Swamp Circus entertain the crowd

Swamp Circus entertain the crowd


A motley crew of pirates


Lead Member for Pirates??

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