CCTV – The Hand Moves Closer to the Off Switch

I only blogged about this subject yesterday, but after what happen in today’s Cabinet meeting I thought I had to add to it. As I had pointed out before, the current operation and more importantly monitoring of CCTV in the Mid and West of Cornwall requires 11 Town Councils to contribute around £110k per year.  
The case for this was presented to Cabinet, so far so good. That was until the Chairman of the Communities OSC, Judith Haycock, said what this Committee had recommended following two inquiry days was not what was presented today. I having attended all those meetings agreed with her and awaited the explanation. That explanation was rather woolly in my opinion.
This whole scheme rested on the Town Council’s signing up and more importantly handing over the loot. A question was raised about what would happen if those Town Councils had already set their precept (budgets) and had made no allowance for this additional charge. I raised a further question asking if they had already set the precept could they either defer payment, or split it to take into account the problem of precept. This was met with a slight nod and murmur from those in charge of the purse strings. 
It was when Julian Germans (Cabinet Member) asked if any of those 11 Town Council had said no to the proposals. The answer that came made everyone present look up with shock. One Council had said no. it was suggested by another Member that another had as well. 
So if they (the authors of the report) knew that one, possibly two of the Council’s had said no, then the first part of the recommendation falls, that is even before a vote is taken. The recommendation quite clearly states that if all 11 Council’s don’t sign up, then its good-bye CCTV monitoring. 

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