CCTV Inquiry Day – Day 2

17th Sept is the date for the CCTV inquiry day. This is the second day of this inquiry, as the first day resulted in more questions than answers.

Sadly, Cornwall Council has decided that all this information should be restricted by means of this info being placed on ‘Pink Pages’ (not for public use). I am really struggling as to why they have taken this stance. Most the details in this report are already in the public domain, so further restricting it seems, well, pointless. The last day did attract a lot of interest, so maybe the Council wants to control this information a little more.

I have sent an e-mail to the Monitoring Officer (Chief Legal Officer) asking for the reasoning behind this, and for clarification. I have also asked a further question that if I was to do a FOI request would this information be made available. If it would, then that further proves the point of the over zealousness of restricting this information.

I guess I will have to wait and see as to what the MO says…

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