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Here is yet another post on CCTV; this one is a follow on from where I last left off about the contributions from the 11 Town Council’s in the West and Mid of Cornwall. Last night, at the monthly meeting of Helston Town Council, they discussed their contribution towards CCTV. During the discussion it came to light that the Town Council was not aware of the latest Cabinet meeting, or the proposals surrounding CCTV.
During the debate, reference was made to the other Town Councils that had been asked to contribute. It was said during the debate by the Town Clerk, though I can’t 100% confirm it is correct, that Penzance, Falmouth and Redruth had all said no, with Camborne asking for more details before they decided. That is a lot of towns to say no, especially as it was only discussed at Cabinet a couple of days before. A question is how much Cornwall Council knew of the reluctance to paying before this was presented to Cabinet.
In the end, Helston Town Council passed a motion that they would not contribute to this scheme because they felt that they would not pay more for a reduced service. So if the other towns I mentioned have indeed said no, then the likelihood of any monitoring of CCTV is very remote.  I wonder how the news of Helston Town Council no vote will be received at Cornwall Council? 

Maybe the question is now; what is the point of having CCTV if it is not monitored?

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    that the no votes will mean the CCTV is no longer manned, (as the contract will not go ahead), and that police will only use the footage if a crime or incident happens to check for visual evidence. If it's unmanned, (at present there are two guys out in a building behind Hayle Police station), then injured persons or crimes will doubtlessnot be picked up in the timely fashion they are now. I think the extra they were asking for equated to about a £1 per head of the population of each town, don't quote me on that. It's a difficult one, and I do understand why the councils have said no to higher costs for reduced services. But it could leave towns more vulnerable in the long term….

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