CCTV- Cabinet and Flicking a Switch to Off?

Reading though the Cabinet reports before the meeting tomorrow I came across the item Agenda on CCTV. Click HERE for that document. I have also blogged about this before HEREHERE and HERE.

Now I might have missed the point, but previous meetings on this subject had made it perfectly clear that CCTV would not be switched off. It was only when I came to read the Cabinet report that it does say it will be switched off if certain things are not done. The proposals in the report requires £110k in contributions from the 11 Town Councils. If they don’t get this by means of written confirmation from those Councils, or that no payment is received from them after the letter, then the CCTV will be switched off.

Don’t believe me, or dont want to click the link, then here is the wording of the recommendation.


1. Approval be given to undertake a procurement exercise for the provision of CCTV monitoring services to be provided at the three current CCTV centres in Hayle, Truro and Newquay that reflects the budget the Council has allocated for this service from 1 April 2011, the authority to tender to be conditional on financial contributions being secured (paid or a firm written commitment given) by 17 December 2010 from all of the eleven councils as referred to in Appendix 1 to the report and totalling £110,000;

and that in the event that not all of the £110,000 financial contributions are secured as referred to in recommendation 1 or if any commitment to any of those contributions is withdrawn before having been paid it is

Further Recommended that:

2. The procurement exercise be discontinued; and

3. Following 31 March 2010 no Cornwall Council CCTV funded monitoring will take place

So as you can read, if the Local Town Councils don’t stump up the loot then it is going to end up with the flick of the switch to off! My question is, how many of Cornwall Council Members know this could happen?

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  • Anonymous

    I am happy with that Andrew – I do a lot of work for law enforcement and am generally pro the police and enforcement but surveillance has got out of control in this country.

    While it might be a deterent I have also done a lot iof work over the years looking at CCTV images for both prosecution and defence and very often the quality is so poor, especially at night, that the footage is useless. I am not saying it is always so and have been part of prosecutions where CCTV has been damning.

    Turn it off I say.

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