Porthleven Town Council and a Youth Council.

Porthleven Town Councils monthly meeting took place last night. It was a full house, as many members of the public turned up to express a view on certain planning applications. These applications were dealt with and depending on the view point it was ether good or bad news.

Later on the agenda Porthleven Football Club made a request for financial support to help them repair the windows and doors on their pavilion. The club has had a difficult time of late, and found itself without a club house. It is a credit to the club for picking themselves up and moving forward. The cost of replacing the windows and doors totals around £2500, and the Town Council agreed to pay £1000 towards it.

Also on the agenda there was a motion put forward by myself to look into the formation of a Youth Council for Porthleven. After a brief discussion it was decided to set a working group to look into the feasibility, set-up and running costs which will then report back to the Town Council for final approval. I personally think this is a great idea and will allow the youth to have a voice, and more importantly, have a say in the future of Porthleven.