They Have Let Me Loose With a Weekly Column!!

About 14 months ago I started blogging, not a natural writer I at first struggled. I can now say I really enjoy writing and it is even more heartening to know people read what I write.

Just over a week ago I was contacted by the Packet Newspaper to see if I wanted to write a weekly column in the Helston and Lizard edition of this paper. At first I had the same thought and reaction as when I first started blogging, but then I thought why not, if it helps people understand what I do then what have I got to lose? I guess time will tell!

So this week on page 59, my first column was printed. It is less than 500 words, so I can’t bore you all to death with my drivel. If I do bore you and the sales of the paper drop, then no doubt I will be back to only blogging.

(signed copies always available)