Porthleven Remembers Two Brothers Who Perished on the Titanic

On Saturday 14th 2012, Porthleven remembered two brothers who perished when the unsinkable White Star liner, Titanic foundered; by unveiling a plaque in their honour. These two brothers, Fred and Edgar Giles were set for new lives in America when disaster stuck.

The ceremony was opened by the Mayor of Porthleven, Mark Berryman who welcomed everyone and said a few words before the niece of the brothers, Elise Balme gave a wonderful speech. Elsie talked about the two brothers lives in Porthleven, and how the family were left devastated by their deaths. Elise went on to say how sad it was that so much money was being made out of the tragedy, including the recent cruise retracing Titanic’s route and the Hollywood blockbuster film, Titanic.

The plaque was then unveiled by Elsie Balme and Dennis Giles, nephew of the brothers. Then, the Vicar of St. Bartholomew’s church (and Town Councillor), Harry Pugh said prayers and a few words after the unveiling.

The ceremony was nicely finished by the hymn; Eternal father strong to save.

Below are some of the pictures from the ceremony –

The Mayor of Porthleven, Mark Berryman - Elsie Balme - Father Harry Pugh

The Unveiling by Dennis Giles and Elsie Balme

The Plaque


Porthleven, the Town Council and the Titanic

It is never a dull moment at any Porthleven Town Council meeting and last nigh’ts meeting was a very good one. The police report had half the council breakdown in fits of laughter when the mayor read out the report which contained a few unintentional hilarious comments. Two of these were ‘crime of a stolen statue – undetected’ and ‘tidy search of a draw’. 
The mayor brought forward a motion for a plaque to be erected in Porthleven in memory of two Porthleven brothers who lost their lives when the Titanic sank in 1912. The whole of the council thought this was a great idea and fully supported the mayor in his motion. The location of the plaque is still to be decided, but it is hoped it will be in a prominent place in Porthleven. Amazingly a niece and nephew of these brothers still live in the town. The town council fittingly saw that these two people should be part of the unveiling process.
The public toilet issue still rumbles on because even though the leader has made it clear in e-mails and statements in council meetings on this process being postponed until proper consultation has taken place, Cornwall Council have not sent any form of communication to the town and parishes. Not even a simple e-mail. I believe this is very poor, as Cornwall Council should have sent letters/emails to all town and parish councils.  I will be writing to the Portfolio Holder asking for this to be rectified at once. 
A working party will be formed by the council to look into organising some sort of celebration for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. This will not just be a council action, as the council will be asking organisations/committees, or individuals in Porthleven if they wish to take part in organising this event. So if you or your organisation wants to help, contact the town clerk, or me. 
Lastly, the town council has a new Councillor. It was hoped there would be an election, but 10 people did not write in to call for one, so this position has been filled by co-option. Two people applied, but one application was submitted late, so had to be discounted. The interested applicant had a short interview last night and the whole council voted in favour to accept this application. I would like to welcome Barbara Powell as the new Porthleven Town Councillor.