Single Double Time – Good or Bad?

A Motion was presented to the recent meeting of Cornwall Council asking for the Council to support a Private Member’s Bill that would introduce Single Double Time in the UK. This is currently at Committee Stage in the Houses of Parliament. If passed, this will change the way we put our clocks forward and back at certain times of the year.

If you want to read about the bill then click HERE. I really think you should because if it becomes law, then it will affect you. This time zone was last trialled between 27 October 1968 and 31 October 1971.

Many Councillors entered the debate on the merits and negatives to this Bill. In essence, the sides fell into two main categories of those supporting the motion because of tourism, and those against because of farming. A few Councillors expressed concern that it did not work last time, so why again. Highway safety was thrown in to the debate, but it seemed that on one hand there are fewer accidents in the evening, but an increase in the mornings.

It may shock some, but I decided not to speak on this matter because the area I serve has both elements of the debate and I could see both the positives and negatives to this Bill. More importantly, I had very little information about the benefits and negatives to this Bill as no detailed report was presented with the motion. Finally, I felt that no matter what I said this Bill would be decided in Parliament and this letter would have little impact on that decision.

The Chairman decided after the debate had run its course to go to the vote. This was duly taken and vote of 44-40 was cast in support of this proposal. For the record I abstained because of my previous points. Now a letter will now be sent to Parliament expressing support for this Private Members Bill.

On a final note, a pundit or two have nicknamed this as Double Slaving Time