New Goals installed on the Moors

Last week the prep work for installing two new goals on the Moors playing field was started. From this, Porthleven Town Council’s handyman, Phil and his apprentice (me) fitted and installed the goal posts today.

It was good to be able to use my community fund for this, as I know many will have fun and appreciate these new goal posts. Thank to Phil and the town council for paying for the extra materials needed for the installation. Thanks also to the group of parents who helped Phil and I lift the goals in place.

No sooner than we had finished, a group of boys started to play football using the goals.

Phil and his apprentice

New goal posts with nets for The Moors playing field

Every year, each Cornwall Councillor gets a small pot of funding to help local groups and organisations with funding. In the past, I have paid over the last year or so for new life-jackets for Porthleven Gig Club, Porthleven Village Show, Porthleven School PTA and the Porthleven Food Festival to name a few.

Since the removal old goal posts on the Moors (because they were at the end of their life) there has been a strong request from both parents and young people to have these replaced.

Goal posts that are designed for play-parks are not cheap, but I am very pleased to say yesterday I placed an order for two goal posts both with nets for the Moors playing field. These goal posts will be paid for out of my community fund.

The new goal posts for the Moors playing field

The new goal posts for the Moors playing field

Further good news is the delivery of these goal posts should be within two-weeks and installation soon after. Porthleven Town Council should also be thanked because they will be funding the installation costs (concrete) and the future maintenance of the goal posts.