Children from St. Wenn and Mylor Bridge primary schools launch Rocket Cars as part of the Bloodhound programme



The Children from St. Wenn and Mylor Bridge primary schools with teachers and the course Rocketeers.

Following on from my ‘who doesn’t want to build a Rocket Car’ post, part of the second day of the course had was about running the classes and the racing with children involved. No better way of learning than having real children to teach what we had learned the previous day.

Two primary schools came, St. Wenn and Mylor Bridge. In total there were 20 children eager to design and launch their Rocket Car. It was amazing to see how engaged these children were to learn about aerodynamics, how rockets worked and how a better shape can make a car go faster. It was so much fun, I think they actually forgot they were learning something!

After they had designed, cut and shaped their Rocket Cars it was time to launch them. You could not help by smile where you heard squeals of delight as each Rocket Car shot off down the 50m track.

For me, it was an amazing couple of days. Best of all is I qualified and now can help run some of the race events planned in Cornwall which will result in one primary and one secondary going to the national finals.

Huge thanks to the Bloodhound Team trainers, who were brilliant. Thanks also go to Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre who were our hosts and were brilliant too. 



Primary school children take part in the 10th Greenpower event at Newquay Airport

Today, I had the pleasure to attend the 10th Greenpower event at Newquay Airport. This event is run by The Cornwall College Group, with the aim of helping to inspire and of young people of primary and secondary school age in learning through science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

The event today (secondary schools tomorrow) gave primary school children the opportunity to design, build and race electric cars, which hopefully, introduces them to potential STEM careers in a fun and memorable way.

Just some of the electric ‘cars’ ready to race.


I am told over the two days over 60 schools and 70 electric cars will race in a series of events that include drag and slalom races, and the more traditional grand prix type of race. It was fantastic to watch these young people take in something they got a real kick-out of. Also on offer, was a huge marquee full of STEM related activities which were far from being the ‘boring’ science experiments.

Huge credit to all those behind the event. I certainly enjoyed being there.

Electric cars take part in the straight line drag race


It was good to see two schools from Helston – Parc Eglos and St Michael’s – taking part in today’s event. Sadly I could not catch the St Michael’s team to wish them luck.


Parc Eglos’ two cars at today’s event

In something of a surprise to those gathered, the new HM Coastguard helicopter made a visit to the event after an operation. For a short time the young people could have a closer look at this SAR helicopter after it was ‘shut-down’ before the crew were tasked with another job. Those gathered really appreciated this visit. Thank you.