Collin Brewer Resigns

Within the last hour, the Monitoring Officer has confirmed to all Cornwall Councillors, that Collin Brewer has resigned as a Cornwall Councillor with immediate effect.

The email is as follows:

Dear Members
I have today received the formal written confirmation from Councillor Brewer that he has resigned from Cornwall Council with immediate effect.

Members will be advised in due course of the timetable for the Wadebridge East by-election.

I hope with this resignation, this issue can now be closed allowing the Council, it’s Councillors and Officers, and partner agencies to get on with their respective roles.

Collin Brewer is found to be in breach of the Code of Conduct

Today, Cornwall Council released the long awaited report investigating one of its Councillors and comments made by this Councillor. The comments made by Councillor Brewer in an interview to Disability News back in May caused outrage, not just locally in Cornwall, but nationally too.

The council received 180 complaints and was duty bound to investigate those complaints. From those complaints received, the Standards Boards found Councillor Brewer guilty of breaches of the Code of Conduct. The report can be found HERE. In censoring Cllr Brewer, the committee ruled that:

  • Councillor Brewer is to make a formal apology “as to the gross offensiveness of his comments and for the significant distress they have caused”.
  • Training will be arranged for Mr Brewer on the Code of Conduct and in dealing with the media.
  • While Mr Brewer remains a member of Cornwall Council he should not be allocated a seat on any of the Council’s Committees that deal or might deal with issues relating to disabled children or other vulnerable members of the community.
  • Mr Brewer should not be nominated as the Council’s representative to any outside bodies that are involved in the provision of services or support to disabled children or other vulnerable members of the community, either as their principal purpose or as part of their routine business.
  • Councillor Brewer will not have access to those parts of council premises from where services to disabled children are directly provided, managed or commissioned.
  • Under the current powers, the Council does not have the powers to suspend, or remove a Councillor from office for serious offences.

    I have also been told that Councillor Brewer has verbally resigned from Office. However, this is not official and cannot be official until Councillor Brewer writes formally to the Monitoring Officer. Once that letter has been received, then Councillor Brewer will no longer hold Office, and a By-election will be held for the vacant seat.