The Mayor on a skateboard as Porthleven’s new £125k Skate Park opens

Wow, what a journey of just over two-years when a group of residents got together and started to raise money to replace the old worn-out skate park. Wednesday 9th November 2016 will be remembered in Porthleven for the opening of a state of the art skate park.

This has been achieved by Porthleven Town Council and the Porthleven Skate Park Committee working in partnership and with massive input and support from the community and businesses near and far to help raise the £125k needed for this facility.

The new £125k Porthleven skate park

The new £125k Porthleven skate park

Whist there was so many involved in making this happen and each and everyone should be thanked, I have to pay tribute to Naomi Osmond, Mark Adair, Zoë Davies and Dai Lawton for being the main drivers behind delivering this facility. It has been a real pleasure to be part of this group of dedicated residents. Thanks also to Bryn who has channelled his energies into the design.img_1488

The Mayor of Porthleven gets into the skating scene with all her mayoral bling

Opening the park, the Mayor of Porthleven, Cllr Barbara Powell said:

I am so proud to be opening Porthleven’s new Skate Park. So many people have worked hard to make this project happen, to make today a reality. I’m especially pleased that this facility is for the older children. We have several play parks for the younger children and the other sports clubs for the adults but now it is your turn, so explore, try out new moves, meet your friends here, and enjoy it!

img_1238-1I am not the only who is proud of what has happened, here is what it means for the members of the Porthleven Skate Park Committee.

Mark Adair:

“Very proud to live in community that got so behind this project, the support has been unwavering from the start. We had to build something that did justice to the support we have had, and looking at the finished build, we did it. This park is top quality and will be here for generations to come”

Dai Lawton:

“This world class wheeled sports facility will provide a place for young people to engage in healthy, positive activities and to take ownership of. It’s amazing the way the whole community has got behind this project.

Naomi Osmond:

“A huge thank you for the support of the whole community and I hope the facility brings many years of enjoyment to all and I’ll be looking out for Porthleven’s first Olympic skater in the future”

Zoe Davies:

This inspired facility has provided a safe place for a fast growing sport accessible to all ages and abilities. Designed and built-in the spirit of inclusion and participation with user needs firmly at the centre it reflects Porthleven’s aspiration to remain a creative vibrant healthy community.

I must also say thank you to Sports England for their £75k grant and to Maverick Industries who have worked very closely with the community to deliver this park. The team from Maverick has built this park with real love, and it shows in the finished facility.

It was great to see so many parents and young people attend today’s grand opening despite the poor weather. The rain did not put so many happy young people from having a ‘roll’ on the new skate park.

I am very proud of everything that has happened. Well done. Now enjoy the facility.

If you cannot remember what was here before, here is a reminder…img_1292

Porthleven new skate park at week four of the build

On Tuesday I met Maverick the company who are building Porthleven’s new £125k skate park to go through a few contractual checkpoints as part of the build. The building of the skate park is estimated to take ten weeks. The good news is we are already at the four-week mark and the park is really starting to take shape.

It is hard to image what something is like via a picture or diagram, but let me tell you, having been close up to the park, it is going to be one, if not the best skate park in Cornwall.

From today and for the next few weeks, the concrete will start to be laid.

img_0962img_0956 img_0958 img_0964img_0950img_0951

img_0955 img_0960img_0966 img_0967



Porthleven Skate Park has planning permission with the build is set to start in Sept

Porthleven’s new skate park is going to happen. As this afternoon, the final hurdles over issues like drainage and flooding has been resolved and therefore,  I can confirmed that Cornwall Council will approve the plans for the new Skate Park in Porthleven.

Even more exciting the is the build work is scheduled to start on either September the 12th or 19th. It will take approximately 10 weeks to finish.

Massive thanks and credit goes to all who have been involved in the project to raise £125k; the hard-working skate park committee (Mark, Zoe, Naomi and Dai), the various individual and business funders, two of which are the Town Council (£20k) and Sports England (£75k). It has been a real community effort to realise the dream of a new skate park in Porthleven. Well done indeed, it has been a real pleasure to work on this project.

Thanks should go to Chris Strike of DA Design who acted as the planning agent for free, Cornwall Council planners, and the team over at Maverick who at every stage where quick to respond to any questions from either the EA or Cornwall Council.

And wow, what a skate park it will be!

The design of the new skate park

The design of the new skate park

1 (2)

Porthleven is awarded £75k for new skate park from Sports England

Christmas has come early for those behind the wheeled sports facility (skate park) with the award of £75k from Sports England. In a highly competitive process, with over 600 applicants, Porthleven Town Council today was officially told it had been successful.

Young People hear the good news about the great news

The £120k project is made possible with matched funding of £20k by Porthleven Town Council, a staggering £22,120 raised from within the community with Porthleven Surf Club, Cober Valley Rotary Club, Porthleven Food Festival and Helstonbury all raising over £1000, and now the £75k from Sports England. This leaves £5,800 to raise.

The lead bid writer, Zoe Davies said: the award of £75k allows us to finally realise our dream of a much needed modern skate park in Porthleven. When the Skate Park Funding Raising Committee was set up, we knew the £120k total was realistic because we had the whole community with us.


The Mayor of Porthleven signs the funding acceptance form.

This statement was supported by the Mayor of Porthleven, Councillor Barbara Powell who commented that the young people deserve this new wheel sports facility. It has been made possible because everyone had worked together to make this happen. The Mayor had the pleasure of signing the official offer letter on behalf of Porthleven Town Council and the fund raising committee.

Mark Adair who is leading the charge on raising the remaining money said, we are confident that we will raise the remaining £5,800 in no time at all, the support we have had so far has been unbelievable, so we feel we can push on and raise the rest. The committee have been working on a number of ideas which we will start to put into action over the coming weeks, join our Facebook group “Porthleven Skate Park Project” to see how you can get involved. If you would like to make a donation you can via our website

When I was informed of the successful bid by Sports England I could hardly believe it. The competition for funding was highly competitive and Sports England liaison officer said the Porthleven bid was a very strong one. For me, this bid is down to the hard work of Zoe Davies, Naomi Osmond, Dai Lawton and Mark Adair who have spent many hours making sure this bid was perfect.

Well done to everyone who has made this happen.





Porthleven’s Wheeled Sports Park (skate park) Consultation – Update

On Sunday, the Skate Park Group held its first public consultation on the three companies who have submitted a design for a new Wheeled Sports Park in Porthleven. The three companies are Maverick, Wheelscape and Canvas.

Previous to this, the group met with representatives of the three companies with user groups to outline the plan and requirement for the new park. The three designs are based on a build cost of £120k. The aim of the consultation was to decide by popular vote the prefered supplier, and from that, ask them to submit a final design.

The three designs are:




Another angle

Another angle

Wheelscape’s Design

Canvas' Design

Wheelscape’s Design

Wheelscope's Design

Wheelscape’s Design

Canvas’ Design

Canvas' Design

Canvas’ Design


Canvas’ Design

As you can see from the three designs, anyone of them would be fantastic for Porthleven. However, there can be only one who can actually build the park.

The consultation saw 76 people attended between the ages between 2 and 70! It shows this project has the support of all ages. In trying to understand the user groups, everyone who turned up was asked to give a few details, and from these details, the group could see the different needs and wheeled sports disciplines.

These details always make interesting reading.

1 to 10 17 Skate 17
10 to 20 22 Scoot 25
20 to 30 2 Ride 13
30 to 40 9 Roller Skate 2
40+ 18 Parent 28
Unknown 8 Grand Parent 5
Non User 5
Total 76
Male 49
Female 27

Of course, the team have counted the votes and know the result of the ‘so-far’ prefered company, but these details will not be released as there will be further consultation events planned in the next few weeks. One of these will be at Porthleven School firework event on the 30th October. After all the consultation has taken place, the prefered supplier will be made public.

This means those who could not attend the recent event still have the chance to have their say on the future wheeled sports park. Once built, this park will be the envy of many other towns, and something Porthleven’s young people can be proud of.

Residents young and older take part in the consultation

Residents young and older take part in the consultation

and one older, larger, possible user….

One larger, older user….

Porthleven Community Group organises another succesful Big Lunch

Well done to Porthleven Community Group for organising another successful Big Lunch on Sunday down on The Moors (bottom park to others). This community event had a really good turn out with people bringing a blanket and a picnic and relaxing in the sun with fellow residents.

The group organised a bouncy castle that was free to use, and there was the obligatory game of rounders where adults and children joined in the fun. Those gathered were also treated to Porthleven’s very own Signing Choir. The event was officially opened by Porthleven’s Mayor and Deputy Mayor – Daniel Williams and Barbara Powell. This just added to the good feeling of the event.

Well done to all who came to the event, and well done to the Porthleven Community Group for organising the event.

The Chairman of the Porthleven Community Group, Rob Johns was able to hand over a cheque for £154 to Mark Adair who is one of the committee for the Porthleven Skate Park project. The money was raised during the Porthleven Duck Race

I was also able to hand over the £500 from an anonymous donation to Mark Adair.

Torch-light is the next event the group is organising for the Bank Holiday weekend in August. Details to follow.

Anonymous donation of £500 to Porthleven skate park project

Wow, just wow. People are amazing. Getting home late last night from work, I did not open the previous days mail. This morning I opened the said mail whilst drinking a coffee and to my utter surprise one letter, without a stamp, contained £500 in £20 notes with a short note saying:

“Please find enclosed a small donation for the skate park project. Sorry it is not much but every little helps I suppose.”

This is truly magnificent gesture of generosity. I thank you, I just wish I could shake your hand whoever you are.

People are just amazing!!



Porthleven Skate Park a step closer to reality

The group behind delivering a new skate park in Porthleven have really risen to the challenge of fund-raising for this new facility. In the current climate, funding for large projects such as this is difficult, but this has not stopped the group.

Skate parks are not cheap, in fact from my experience of delivering play areas, no play facility is cheap. From group discussions and engagement events with young people the skate park working group has set a funding target of £120k for this new skate park facility. The type of park you get for £120k is in line with the picture below.

Possible look of the new Porthleven Skate Park

As you can see, if the funding target is reached, the children and young people of Porthleven will have a fantastic skate facility that will last for years.

To date the skate park group has raised a staggering £10k by holding events and auctions. This is a fantastic achievement by the group and those who helped support the events.

This means the total raised so far is around £35k. This is made up £20k of funding from Porthleven Town Council and £5k from 106 section monies. I have given a small grant of just under £500 from my community fund.

I have also been impressed by other organisation and individuals who has pledge and raised money by holding their own events. Well done indeed.

However, there is still much to do, and if you can help with either funding or ideas to raise funding please get in contact with the group. They have their own Facebook page which can be found HERE. Or drop me an email and I will pass on your details.



New Skate Park Planned for Porthleven

Porthleven Town Council has been working on a plan to update the skate park in Porthleven. This well used site – owned and maintained by the town council – is getting near the end of its life. So something has to be done sooner than later. The plan is not to just refurbish the site, but to do a completely new park including a proper skating surface.

The project has been set a budget of £65,000, which will do everything required to make this a great skate park. I am really pleased to say at last nights monthly meeting of the town council, the council agreed to contribute up to £20,000 toward the project. The remaining monies will be (hopefully) from grant funders. I and other members of the town council are now in the process of applying to these funders now the town council has agreed on its contribution. I hope to have most if not all of the funding in place within six months.

There are also plans for some other fundraising activities to take place, and a final consultation on the layout of the park. Below is a picture of the type of equipment the new park could expect to see for the projects budget. If you are interested in helping with the project, drop me or the town clerk an email.