It is not all bad at Cornwall Council

Monday was not the best start of the week for Cornwall Council with the story of £20k being spent on an Olympic Torch route coordinator and the little publicised story from the Daily Telegraph on Chief Exec pay.

It is not though all doom and gloom as there are stories that show Cornwall Council can do something right. This story is about the council trying to reduce the number of children injured whilst travelling in cars. Last year 63 children were injured this way in Cornwall.

The child’s car seat is without question a life-saver and without it many more children would be injured, or worse killed each year. A correctly fitted car seat will do its job. However, one that is not fitted right could put your child at further risk.

On Saturday 27th August, Cornwall Council’s Road Safety Team will be located at Penryn’s ASDA supermarket from 10am till 4pm. Other road shows are planned, but if you are in the area why not pop in and have your child’s car seat checked.