Porthleven’s Pram and Raft Race makes a big splash

Porthleven’s now combined Pram and Raft Race (now called the Ram Race) took place on Sunday in rather pleasant October weather conditions. This year’s theme was Port-Heaven.

The route for this race is from Out of the Blue, and a dash to the harbour and down the slipway into the water. A mad paddle – some more successful than others – out past the gap. Then returning up the slipway and a last dash to the Ship Inn. It is purely coincidental that this race starts and finishes at licensed premises….

Whilst this event is a lot of fun, it is also used to raise a little bit of money for local organisations. This year over £230 was raised. Thanks must go to Suzie Williams of Four Crows who organises this event, all the race marshals (Karen Richards, Sibby Barnes, Julia Scofield and Abbey Hines) and Jeremy Richards who used his fishing boat as water safety. And of course all those who took part in the event.

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Porthleven’s ‘Jurassic-Port’ pram and raft race makes a splash

This year’s raft and pram race were combined into one ‘monster’ event. The theme: Jurassic-Port. This event is held for two reasons. The first, for fun. The second to raise a little bit of money for a worthy cause. This year’s cause was the Porthleven Skate Park project.

Update: this event raised £470 for the skate park project! An amazing figure.

Like previous years, the turn out was great and there was almost as many dinosaurs as you would see in the film Jurassic Park.

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The route for the race was from Out of the Blue, along the bottoms and down the slip into the harbour. The competitors then had to paddle out of the inner-harbour and back to the slip. From the slip is was a dash to the Ship Inn.

This race was watched by a couple hundred  people who cheered on everyone, even the ones whose pram turned out not to be a very good raft.

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Thanks should go to Suzie Williams who as ever was the organiser and ‘race’ official, the marshals, those who took part and everyone who cheered.

finally, no dinosaur was hurt during the event….

Porthleven’s 2013 Pram Race

Porthleven’s annual Pram Race took place on Sunday in very windy conditions. The ‘race’ started at The Ship Inn and ended at the Atlantic Inn. Even though the race is the fun part, the aim of the race is to raise funding for charity. This years charity is the Made for Life Foundation. As part of the event, an auction was held at The Ship Inn on the Friday

In total, it is looking like the amount raised for the charity is heading towards the £2000 mark, with £1700 of that being raised at the auction. The main organiser of the event was local artist and business owner, Suzie Williams; and she deserves huge credit for organising the events. Thanks should go to the race participants and the marshalls.

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