Porthleven celebrates 20 years of twinning

The Porthleven Twinning Association celebrated 20 years of being twinned with the Bretons of Guisseny. This year it was the turn of Porthleven to host the Bretons, with roughly 50 Bretons making this journey.

During the Bretons stay, they and their host families visited many areas of Cornwall during their stay in Porthleven. On Friday evening, a party was held to celebrate not only their visit, but more importantly, 20 years of friendship and co-operation. I was very honoured to be invited to the event by the association.


The Breton and hosts celebrate 20 years of twinning

It was certainly a very enjoyable evening, even though my attempt at speaking French was terrible. However, the language barrier did not stop everyone having a great time. The food was great, the wine (french) was plentiful, with entertainment a mixture of traditional and modern music was excellent. To finish the enjoyable evening, there was an exchange of gifts between both associations and of course the odd speech. To finish the evening, no party would be complete without cake, and there was two of them.

Sometimes twinning is a little misunderstood, but from what I witnessed it is certainly a worthy endeavour. Set up and run by volunteers who raise a lot of money to make anyones visit a great experience.

The twining association of Porthleven have certainly been great ambassadors for Porthleven. They should be very proud of the work they do. Well done.


The exchange of gifts between the two twinning associations


Of course no party is without cake! And there were two of them!