Public Consultation for Origin Coffee new building in the Shipyard, Porthleven

Just over six-weeks ago, the media covered a pre-application plan for a new mixed-used building to house Origin’s business operation. The area this business is planned tobe located is in the Porthleven Shipyard. From the responses I have had, ranged from WTF, OMG to Wow, this is good.

Now the pre-application process is out-of-the-way, the Harbour and Dock Company want to proceed to the next stage of the planning process and submit a full planning application. However, before they do, the company will be holding a public consultation event to gather all views before a full planning application is submitted.

This event will take place on Friday October 9th between 16:00 – 18:00pm at The Brew House on the Harbour Head.

The plan is ambitious, and includes (taken from the pre-app document):

A drum at the pavement edge contains the café, training and office uses. It addresses the public space, the harbour and the views with its curved façade. The rear rectangular form is a simple large industrial volume with private access at the rear of the site away from public interaction.

The design is bold, but has a strong relationship with Porthleven: the materials are “of the place”; the massing and organisation relate well to the site, the built context and the public space; the building use/typology is symptomatic of Porthleven’s new/ emerging positive identity – a centre of food culture and high quality tourism. 

The existing bus stop is a standard stand-alone plastic and steel shelter of poor quality. The approximate location of the new shelter will remain unchanged but is now integrated into the new building. Its glass roof links the existing single storey Brew House building (once the harbour master’s office) with the drum of the new Origin building. The choice and quality of materials will match those of the new building.

This development presents an opportunity for a huge improvement of this focal public space. A newly paved shared surface with re-aligned kerb edges could be provided, giving greater space for and priority to, pedestrians. With views onto both sides of the harbour this is an important orientation point for visitors to Porthleven.

It connects pedestrian routes from the public car parks and to the green space further up the valley. Some information/signage might be appropriate as well as seating. A large baulk timber screen wall is also shown which conceals parked cars within the Shipyard and the trash screen from the public space and provides a new backdrop suggestive of the former uses and materials associated with the shipyard.


The pictures below will illustrate the plan and give you an idea how the building would like if it was approved (in the current form). I should point out a lot can and does change from a concept to planning permission being granted. Including taking onboard the public view.

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRenderoriginAs I said before, the plan is ambitious, and will be discussed on its merits and benefits to Porthleven. One of those merits or disadvantaged (depending on your view-point) is this will bring more (abet some relocated) employment to Porthleven. I am often told Porthleven needs more job opportunities. So could this plan be one of those opportunities?

The answer to that question will be up to you, the residents of Porthleven. Therefore, I urge you to take the time to see the plans in full and ask any questions you may have.

Porthleven’s Mayor and Deputy Major re-elected

At the Porthleven Town Council AGM, the current Mayor, Councillor Daniel Williams and Deputy Mayor, Councillor Barbara Powell were unanimously re-elected for the following civic year.

I would like to offer my congratulations to both, who have for the past year been a great ambassadors for Porthleven in carrying our their duties.

The Mayor and Deputy Major of Porthleven for the civic year

The Mayor and Deputy Major of Porthleven for the civic year



Porthleven could have its own Youth Support Worker

Over the years Porthleven has grown from once a small fishing village to now a small town; thought the heart and soul of Porthleven still is has a village feeling. With a larger settlement, the need for services in Porthleven is similar to our neighbouring town, Helston, but it could also be argued it is different. Therefore, we can and should look at how services are delivered to the benefit of Porthleven and not having to compete with services with other areas. One area that I believe Porthleven could be better served is by having its own Youth Support Worker.

The idea of Porthleven having its own Youth Support Worker is in part of changes to how youth work is delivered both by Cornwall wide and nationally. Therefore, these changes should be seen as an opportunity for Porthleven. With this in mind, I put a proposal to Porthleven Town Council to fund out of the precept, a Youth Support Worker who would be dedicated to supporting young people in Porthleven. The costs of this post are much less than you would imagine, but I firmly believe this is money well spent.

The cost for a Youth Support Worker (Grade Y10) based on gross annual pay of £19,636 delivering 9 hours per week (three 3 hour sessions) based on 52.14 paid weeks comes to a total: £2026.12 actual pay: £1592.11 with a 1% pay award of £15.92 = £1608.03 plus superannuation of £257.28, superannuation deficit of £56.28 plus NI of £104.52. Add in some administration of around £500, you get grant total of £2500 for 52 weeks. This Youth Support Worker could really make a difference to Porthleven’s young people and could be the first steps to having more youth services in the town.

Town councillors at their monthly meeting discussed the proposal and where minded to support such a post – which is fantastic news. Before we get carried away with the good news there is still a lot more work that needs to be done before this post is operational. Work will now be undertaken to look at the role of the Youth Support Worker and their remit. Furthermore, I am also grateful to Cornwall Council who are willing to help set up this position. I am hopeful once all this points have been address is for the position to be in place early in 2015. It is good to see Porthleven Town Council (and Helston Town Council) who are willing to deliver services at a community based level.

Lastly, people may raise the question of what about a new youth centre, and in an ideal world it would be great to have one in Porthleven. The reality of funding such a building is expensive and with limited funding option. However, there are other building available two being the Children’s Centre and the other is the town council meeting room, both would be free to use and could be used to help deliver youth related services in the area. Having a building is one thing, but sometimes you have to go to where the young people hang-out which is often outside. So a balance needs to be struck.

Porthleven’s ‘top park’ to get new play equipment

It is great news that a devolution project between Cornwall Council and Porthleven Town Council can now be announcement after the town council approved the deal last night. The deal between the two authorities, is for the playing field known officially as Horseshoe Playing Field, but also known locally as ‘top park’, along with the adjoining field and Shrubberies Hill car park will be transferred to Porthleven Town Council on a 99 year lease for one peppercorn (if demanded) per year.

As part of the devolution project I have been working on for sometime, I have negotiated with Cornwall Council a one-off grant of £25,000 to help replace the equipment. As anyone who has visited the park will see the current children’s play equipment it is in need of replacement.  This is really good news, as the town council gets to administer and safeguard the future of the area, but has a large grant to help replace the play equipment.

However, the £25,000 from Cornwall Council is not enough to build a new play park. So on top of this, and as part of the planning consent for the development of Shrubberies Hill, £10,000 of section 106 money will be added to the £25,000 from Cornwall Council. However, this is still a little short of the total amount needed for a new play park.  So as part of the recommendations I put to the town council (at the September meeting) to accept the transfer of assets, the town council has committed a further £5,000 to make this new park deliverable.

The proposed new play equipment at Horseshoe

The proposed new play equipment at Horseshoe

This play park will be build in a new area and has two elements, one for the younger children which will be fenced off, and another for older children. The ‘sand’ area is an idea, but it was deemed better to infill this, and place the benches and tables nearer the park. Included in the deal is new fencing.

The play equipment for older children

The play equipment for older children


I believe this is a great deal between Porthleven Town Council and Cornwall Council in how a devolution project can and should work. This is the second devolution project between Porthleven Town Council and Cornwall Council. The first one being the land between the Cricket Club and the Amenity Area. It sometimes takes time, and there is a lot of hard work for both parties, but it just proves something positive can be done if everyone is working for a common cause.

Well done Porthleven Town Council for being a proactive council. Well done Cornwall Council for helping a local community have more control over the assets in their area.

HRH The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester visit Porthleven

Porthleven welcomed the HRH Duke and Duchess of Gloucester to came to see for themselves the storm damage and lately the repair work carried out in theaftermath of those violent storms. It was also the chance for the Duke and Duchess to meet those who had played a hand in keeping people safe, and had been part of the clean up post the storms.

The royals were met by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Porthleven who with The Lord Lieutenant, expertly guided them to the various meeting points.

The Duke and Duchess also met many of the community groups, clubs and organisations in Porthleven. They were also entertained by the Porthleven Town Band. The royals also browsed a few of the local shops as part of the visit. It was a real community event in which the both the Duke and Duchess spent a great deal of time chatting to people and stayed longer in Porthleven than was originally planned. All in all, this was good for Porthleven.

The last port of call was a small cream tea reception in the Bickford- Smith Institute. During this reception both the Duke and Duchess spend time talking to the assembled guests. They were also treated to a Cornish cream tea. The was provided by one of the local restaurants Amelie’s – who also provided refreshments during the clean up. It was great to see both the Duke and Duchess chat to all the guests.

You really could not asked for better weather. With a clear blue sky and the harbour twinkling in the sunlight at high water. You really could not set a better scene which showed Porthleven off in all its glory.

Lastly, the Mayor of Porthleven presented the Duke with a town plaque and the Duchess was given flowers from one of the children from Porthleven primary school.

Of course no event is without pictures and here are a few taken from the day.


The Duke and Lord Lieutenant escorted by the Mayor


The Mayor and Deputy Mayor escort the Duke and Duchess through Porthleven



The Duke is introduced to local fishermen and their families


The Duke is introduced to the staff who work for Harbour and Dock


The Duke treated to a Cornish cream tea by Sam, owner of Amilie’s


Porthleven’s Coastguard Search and Rescue Team chat to the Duke


The Duchess meets local fishermen and their families


The Mayor presents the town plaque to the Duke

First Forum Meeting for the Porthleven Neighbourhood Plan

Saturday saw the first meeting of Porthleven’s neighbourhood plan forum. The meeting consisted of interested residents, landowners,  groups and organisations in Porthleven. The turnout was good and had a good and balanced representations from the groups invited. The aim of the meeting was to establish if a Neighbourhood Plan was supported, and therefore could be progressed.

The reason why a Neighbourhood Plan is so important for Porthleven is because there is the opportunity to create a positive vision for the future of Porthleven. The plan will help the community to influence the extent of development within Porthleven. It cannot stop development, but it can ensure growth and development are built-in the right places first. Without a Neighbourhood Plan, it could see Porthleven at a disadvantage due to the Governments recent relaxation of  planning laws which can seen to be  in favour of developers. Though, no doubt developers will see this as ending a lot of bureaucracy.

The forum listens to the presentation on the NP

The forum listens to the presentation on the NP

 The presentation on the NP was delivered by the Chairman of the NP working party Cllr Alan Jorgenson. In his presentation is highlighted the benefits of Porthleven having a plan. There was also the chance for all those gathered to ask questions. The final act of the meeting was to decided if Porthleven needed a plan. I am very pleased to say the vote to proceed with the plan was unanimous. From this positive vote  the following process will be followed.

  • Make the decision to prepare a neighbourhood plan  -10wks
  • Identify the issues  -16wks
  • Develop a vision and objectives  -18wks
  • Generate realistic and achievable options  -10wks
  • Build the Evidence Base  -10wks
  • Write the Neighbourhood Plan  -17wks
  • Consultation and Submission  – 8wks
  • Independent examination  – 7wks
  • Referendum and Delivery  – 8wks

Once all this is done,  the plan will be put to a public referendum. Which for the plan to be adopted, it needs at least 50% of the vote to support the plan. This is why during the process leading up to the referendum public engagement will be so important and will enable to working group and forum to put this plan together on what the residents of Porthleven want.

The referendum is set to take place November 2015. That might seem a long way away, but this plan needs to be done right, and cannot be rushed.

More details on what is a Neighbourhood Plan is HERE

Porthleven Town Council elects a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor

As happens every year, Porthleven Town Council elects a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor for the forthcoming civic year.

For the last year this position has been held by Councillor Mark Berryman. Being a Mayor is no easy task, it is not just about turning up and cutting ribbons. There is a lot of back office functions, meeting people and running meetings. From my experience, Mark has done a good job in some difficult subjects. And now Mark has ‘retired’ to the ‘back benches’ I would like to thank Mark for all his work.

The new Mayor of Porthleven is from yesterday evening is Councillor Daniel Williams. Daniel has been the Deputy Mayor for the previous year.


Councillor Daniel Williams, the new Mayor of Porthleven

Porthleven has a new Deputy Mayor too. This position is now held by Councillor Barbara Powell.


Councillor Barbara Powell – The Deputy Mayor of Porthleven

I would like to offer my best wishes to both Daniel and Barbara who will do a fantastic job of representing Porthleven near and far.


The Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Porthleven

Porthleven is to receive a Royal visit

Porthleven has been chosen to receive a visit from two members of the Royal Family on 27th May. The visit will be made by HRH Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

The Duke also known at Prince Richard is 23rd to the throne, and is the Queens cousin and the grandson of King George V. More details on the Duke is HERE


The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester who will be visiting Porthleven

The aim of the visit is for the Duke and Duchess to see the damage Porthleven suffered during the recent storms and to meet people who were affect, and helped during the storms.

The visit is being organised by The Lord Lt Office in partnership with Porthleven Town Council and me as the Cornwall Councillor.

This is very good news for Porthleven. More details will be released, soon as the Palace has now given permission to publicise this event.

Porthleven Town Council Honours Porthleven’s Harbour Master

At the March meeting of Porthleven Town Council, the Mayor and the Council awarded Porthleven’s Harbour Master, Phil Ward a town plaque; the town council’s highest honour.

It is very rare this honour is given for a single act, but the Mayor and the Town Council felt Phil Ward deserved to be awarded this plaque for his quick thinking actions and conduct during the recent storms that smashed into Porthleven.


Without Phil’s quick decision to remove the boats from the harbour after the Baulks gave way from the relentless pressure of the sea, the devastation to the fishing boats and pleasure craft would have been far worse.

Furthermore, Phil has been praised by the Town Council for the work carried out after the storms in sorting out the destruction left by this terrible period of weather. I would like to pay tribute to the men who work for Phil, who like the Harbour Master acted quickly to save so many boats.

Reporting Storm Damage in Porthleven

Since December, Porthleven has been battered and smashed by 15 storms. Overall, and compared to other places, Porthleven Harbour and sea-defences along the coast have held up – just. However, it will be several months until the full impact will be understood as the more unseen damage will become apparent as things settle down.

Over the weekend, a large hole appeared at the bottom of the sea-defences below the road leading around the institute (clock tower). I reported this on Monday, and I am very pleased to see repair work has started by Cormac.



Yet today, the town clerk has reported to Cornwall Council and me on further damage near Blue-Buoy Steps. This like the other hole will be investigated and where possible repaired.


If anyone comes across any damage to the sea-defences whilst out and about, could they safely take a picture and report this damage to me. That way I can get the area assessed, and get the repairs carried out by the relevant landowner.

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