First Forum Meeting for the Porthleven Neighbourhood Plan

Saturday saw the first meeting of Porthleven’s neighbourhood plan forum. The meeting consisted of interested residents, landowners,  groups and organisations in Porthleven. The turnout was good and had a good and balanced representations from the groups invited. The aim of the meeting was to establish if a Neighbourhood Plan was supported, and therefore could be progressed.

The reason why a Neighbourhood Plan is so important for Porthleven is because there is the opportunity to create a positive vision for the future of Porthleven. The plan will help the community to influence the extent of development within Porthleven. It cannot stop development, but it can ensure growth and development are built-in the right places first. Without a Neighbourhood Plan, it could see Porthleven at a disadvantage due to the Governments recent relaxation of  planning laws which can seen to be  in favour of developers. Though, no doubt developers will see this as ending a lot of bureaucracy.

The forum listens to the presentation on the NP

The forum listens to the presentation on the NP

 The presentation on the NP was delivered by the Chairman of the NP working party Cllr Alan Jorgenson. In his presentation is highlighted the benefits of Porthleven having a plan. There was also the chance for all those gathered to ask questions. The final act of the meeting was to decided if Porthleven needed a plan. I am very pleased to say the vote to proceed with the plan was unanimous. From this positive vote  the following process will be followed.

  • Make the decision to prepare a neighbourhood plan  -10wks
  • Identify the issues  -16wks
  • Develop a vision and objectives  -18wks
  • Generate realistic and achievable options  -10wks
  • Build the Evidence Base  -10wks
  • Write the Neighbourhood Plan  -17wks
  • Consultation and Submission  – 8wks
  • Independent examination  – 7wks
  • Referendum and Delivery  – 8wks

Once all this is done,  the plan will be put to a public referendum. Which for the plan to be adopted, it needs at least 50% of the vote to support the plan. This is why during the process leading up to the referendum public engagement will be so important and will enable to working group and forum to put this plan together on what the residents of Porthleven want.

The referendum is set to take place November 2015. That might seem a long way away, but this plan needs to be done right, and cannot be rushed.

More details on what is a Neighbourhood Plan is HERE

Porthleven Town Council elects a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor

As happens every year, Porthleven Town Council elects a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor for the forthcoming civic year.

For the last year this position has been held by Councillor Mark Berryman. Being a Mayor is no easy task, it is not just about turning up and cutting ribbons. There is a lot of back office functions, meeting people and running meetings. From my experience, Mark has done a good job in some difficult subjects. And now Mark has ‘retired’ to the ‘back benches’ I would like to thank Mark for all his work.

The new Mayor of Porthleven is from yesterday evening is Councillor Daniel Williams. Daniel has been the Deputy Mayor for the previous year.


Councillor Daniel Williams, the new Mayor of Porthleven

Porthleven has a new Deputy Mayor too. This position is now held by Councillor Barbara Powell.


Councillor Barbara Powell – The Deputy Mayor of Porthleven

I would like to offer my best wishes to both Daniel and Barbara who will do a fantastic job of representing Porthleven near and far.


The Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Porthleven

Porthleven is to receive a Royal visit

Porthleven has been chosen to receive a visit from two members of the Royal Family on 27th May. The visit will be made by HRH Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

The Duke also known at Prince Richard is 23rd to the throne, and is the Queens cousin and the grandson of King George V. More details on the Duke is HERE


The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester who will be visiting Porthleven

The aim of the visit is for the Duke and Duchess to see the damage Porthleven suffered during the recent storms and to meet people who were affect, and helped during the storms.

The visit is being organised by The Lord Lt Office in partnership with Porthleven Town Council and me as the Cornwall Councillor.

This is very good news for Porthleven. More details will be released, soon as the Palace has now given permission to publicise this event.

Porthleven Town Council Honours Porthleven’s Harbour Master

At the March meeting of Porthleven Town Council, the Mayor and the Council awarded Porthleven’s Harbour Master, Phil Ward a town plaque; the town council’s highest honour.

It is very rare this honour is given for a single act, but the Mayor and the Town Council felt Phil Ward deserved to be awarded this plaque for his quick thinking actions and conduct during the recent storms that smashed into Porthleven.


Without Phil’s quick decision to remove the boats from the harbour after the Baulks gave way from the relentless pressure of the sea, the devastation to the fishing boats and pleasure craft would have been far worse.

Furthermore, Phil has been praised by the Town Council for the work carried out after the storms in sorting out the destruction left by this terrible period of weather. I would like to pay tribute to the men who work for Phil, who like the Harbour Master acted quickly to save so many boats.

Reporting Storm Damage in Porthleven

Since December, Porthleven has been battered and smashed by 15 storms. Overall, and compared to other places, Porthleven Harbour and sea-defences along the coast have held up – just. However, it will be several months until the full impact will be understood as the more unseen damage will become apparent as things settle down.

Over the weekend, a large hole appeared at the bottom of the sea-defences below the road leading around the institute (clock tower). I reported this on Monday, and I am very pleased to see repair work has started by Cormac.



Yet today, the town clerk has reported to Cornwall Council and me on further damage near Blue-Buoy Steps. This like the other hole will be investigated and where possible repaired.


If anyone comes across any damage to the sea-defences whilst out and about, could they safely take a picture and report this damage to me. That way I can get the area assessed, and get the repairs carried out by the relevant landowner.

Porthleven Town Council give financial support to Fishermens Association

Last night, at the monthly meeting of Porthleven Town Council, the Council unanimously supported a request from the Porthleven Fishermen’s Association for financial help.

The ‘standard’ grant is for £50, but for this occasion, the Council decided to give £1,000 to the association to enable them to get back on their feet.

I have also agreed to give at least £500 out of my Community Fund. Both these amounts of money will not cover the huge cost the association has incurred, but will go some way to help. Plus, these grants can be used for matched-funding to other pots of money.

Futhermore, there are various fund raising events in Porthleven this weekend. Two are at the Atlantic this Saturday, with a coffee morning and then auction with more fundraising in the evening.

It is fantastic that Cornwall’s Skinners Brewery will be donating 5p for every pint of Porthleven Beer sold in February and this money will all money going to the association. Not going to encourage people to drink more, but if you see Porthleven Beer, please drink it instead of your normal tipple.

I am also getting inquiries from regular visitors and holidays makers to Porthleven who also want to donate. This is heartening as it is not only the residents who love and feel a sense of community, but also those who visit want to help too.

If anyone wishes to make a donation, please send it to the Atlantic Inn, Porthleven.

Harbour Road Public Toilets Reopen

The public toilets along Harbour Road have now reopened. These toilets are now under the stewardship of Porthleven Town Council who will be responsible for opening/closing, cleaning and maintenance. A full refurbishment of these toilets will be carried out later this year.


Of course in an ideal world, Cornwall Council should be running these toilets and others like them. However, it is not an ideal world, and rather than see these toilets closed and the building sold off, the town council took them over. Credit should go to the town council for this action.

Shrubberies Hill Public Meeting

The public meeting for the planning application for 60 dwellings at Shrubberies Hill took place last night.


The meeting was very well attended by around 100 Porthleven residents. Out of those residents 25 spoke about the application after a short presentation from the planning officer.

From those 25, 16 spoke against the application and nine spoke in favour. Both sides put their cases well and with passion. It was good to see both sides respect the others viewpoint without resulting to any heckling. The Chairman of the planning committee also made the point at the end of the meeting on how well people had conducted themselves.

The questions raised from the meeting will be addressed in the final report. The date for the decision for this application will be held on the 27th August at 2pm in the Guildhall, Penzance. This is a public meeting so all can attend.

Public Meeting for the Shrubberies Hill Planning Application

Tomorrow, or today – if you are reading this on the 31st – is the public meeting on the proposed mixed use application along Shrubberies Hill.

This meeting will be held at the Public Hall and will start at 6pm. The meeting will be run by Cornwall Council. Porthleven Town Council have also been invited to attend. I expect a packed house for this meeting which will allow those present the ability to give their views on the application. This will help Porthleven Town Council’s planning committee and Cornwall Council’s West Planning Committee reach a decision on the application.

Ultimately it will be the members of Cornwall Council’s West committee who will make the final decision on this application.

I would urge anyone interested in this application to give up an hour or two of their time and attend.

See you there.

Up-lighting the Bickford-Smith Institute in Porthleven

There has been a long-term aim of the Porthleven Lights Committee to up-light the Bickford-Smith Institute in Porthleven. This aim is well on the way to becoming a reality due to the co-operation between the Lights Committee, The Porthleven CIC and of course the Town Council who are custodians of the building.

Last Saturday, Roger and Graham from the Lights Committee and myself and Damelza from the CIC spent a few hours investigating various lighting positions that will give the best lighting effect.

The plan is to do the up-lighting in three phases. The first is the west face of clock tower, the second the side of the tower, and the third the rear of the building. This will result in the desired effect.

The pictures below were taken at various angles, light settings and at different times.

I hope you’ll agree that even at this early stage of getting the lighting angles right, the results are impressive.







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